Dirty Little (Foodie) Secrets

Forget the confessions.  It’s Friday and I’m feeling generous because I have to work all weekend and if I can’t have a good time someone else should.  So I’m gifting you with  insight – things you could only figure out by careful observation of me for days, months, years even

Without further ado, here are some of my dirty little secrets.

  • I find Hot Tamales irresistible.  Put that siren red box in front of me at a checkout line and you will get my money every time.  I’ve even been  known to stalk people eating those red-hot wonders at sporting events until I find which concession stand is holding the hotness hostage.
  • I sometimes crave Marie Calendar’s chicken pot pies – the frozen ones.  The calories and fat counts keep me pining in the freezer aisle.
  • My true Achilles heel are potato chips.  Leave a bag of KC Masterpiece in my vicinity and that bag will be dust in 10 minutes flat.  As a result, you will rarely find a chip in our house.  That temptation stays at the store where it belongs.
  • Sometimes two Jack in the Box tacos and a chocolate shake is a perfect meal.  The greasier the tacos, the better.
  • I think In-n-Out is way better than Dick’s. 
  • I think there needs to be a cook book called “Fat Man in the Kitchen” – because I would totally buy it, for the title alone.
  • I have trouble trusting skinny chefs . . .

And with that, I’m off to a weekend of avoiding the Seattle lynch mob that is no doubt forming over my Dick’s denigration and to prep for trial.  Have a fabulous food-filled weekend 😉