Dinner from the Belly of a Metal Pig

One of the things I love about Seattle is the seemingly limitless original and quirky food options.  Yes, PF Chang’s, Maggiano’s and other national chains have a presence but there are so many local chains and restaurateurs that you never need to dine at one (unless you really need a crispy honey shrimp fix of course).

One of the more interesting options is Maximus Minimus – a mobile kitchen in the shape of a big brushed silver pig.  Maximus Minimus can be found at 2nd and Pike during the lunch hour on weekdays and various spots throughout town at night, like outside Quest and Safeco fields most game nights.  Last night, Maximus Minimus was in U Village for the Summer Concert Series and my husband and I decided to dine from the belly of the metal pig.

 Despite the ever present line, ordering at Maximus Minimus is a quick affair because the menu is short and sweet: Do you want a pork or veggie sandwich?  Maximus or minimus sauce?  Would you like to add some Beecher’s cheese? Do you want maximus or minimus slaw with that or veggie chips?  Ginger lemonade or hibiscus nectar to drink? 

I went with a pork sandwich with minimus sauce and slaw.  My husband went with a pork sandwich with maximus sauce, extra spicy, and maximus slaw.  5-10 minutes after ordering we had our food and were hunting out a table with an umbrella (in true Seattle fashion it had started to drizzle).  Moments later we took our first bites. 

The pulled pork is served on a soft white hoagie style bun.  The dominant flavors of the minimus sauce are tamarind, honey and molasses, which give a sweet and tangy taste.  In contrast, the maximus sauce is characterized by a spicy six-pepper blend (even more so if you kick it up like we did) – a cold beer would go perfectly with this one.  We both favored the minimus slaw and it is a great foil for the maximus sauce – crisp, sweet, crunchy and topped up with cranberries.  Serving sizes are not super-sized, but this is a dense meal that will fill you up quickly.  30 minutes after finding the metal pig we were full of good food and very happy with our dinner choice.

We will definitely be looking out for the metal pig in the future.

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