Guest Blog: Light & Easy Asian Style Chicken Salad by Jason of Ancient Fire Wine


Jason and I first connected when I started searching for food bloggers changing the world.  In addition to being a cancer survivor, fully employed, a dedicated wine maker and wine and food blogger Jason  also raises serious cash for the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life.  I honestly don’t know how he does it all. 

Below he shares one of his time saving, healthy and tasty entree salads.  Enjoy and please support Jason and his fight to beat cancer by donating to the Relay for Life here

Easy Asian Style Chicken Salad by Jason of Ancient Fire Wine

I’m Jason from the Ancient Fire Wine Blog. Sarah put out a call for guest posts a while back. I responded and then forgot to put it on my schedule. So I am late in returning my healthy meal that can be prepared in a jiffy. I picked this type of meal because I could tell Sarah was feeling stressed from the crush of all the things she was into. I know how she feels and sometimes making a big blog-worthy meal is just too much. Many nights of the week simple and light is best.

My wife found this recipe on the Cooking Light magazine web site. We have enjoyed it several times now and have adapted it in different ways from time to time without diminishing the enjoyment. Here is the recipe link for the original Cooking Light Asian Chicken Salad.

Photo by Ancient Fire Wine

When you are careful with non-vegetable ingredients and your choice of dressing, salad can still be a healthy meal without being boring.

Asian Style Chicken Salad

2  tbsp  seasoned rice vinegar

1  tbsp  low-sodium soy sauce

1  tbsp  sesame oil

1  tsp  bottled ground fresh ginger

1  tsp  real maple syrup

6  cups  chopped romaine lettuce

2  cups  chopped cooked chicken

1  cup  thin sliced carrots

1  cup  snow peas, trimmed and cut into thin strips

2  tbsp  chopped walnuts

Combine the first 5 ingredients and whisk to combine for the dressing. Prep all the vegetables, add the chicken. Pour over the dressing and mix to coat. So easy!

Photo by Ancient Fire Wine

We usually serve this with pita bread or high fiber wraps that have been warmed up. You can eat the salad in the bread or eat them separate, whatever you like.

For this posting I tried a pairing with the salad and choose a sake to keep with the Asian them. I selected the Rihaku Junmail Ginjo “Wandering Poet” sake. The only flavor in the sake I had the vocabulary to pick out was green apple, but that was a cheat because I knew that was common from other sakes I had tasted. It was medium-dry and very tasty and refreshing on its own. The sake paired admirably with the salad, but I didn’t feel I had hit a home run with it. I’ll have to try again.



Stupid Knife Tricks

At a food outing last year, I received the Devil: “The knife that cuts mainly anything.”

According to its packaging, the Devil can cut through metal cans and still slice fruit.

To find out if it really can, check out my short video below.  To make this into a drinking game, drink every time I stumble over my words and/or mispronounce things 😉

This demo makes a great party trick for your foodie friends or anyone who has had a lot of wine.