Seattle Beerfest is this Weekend (July 1-3)

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If you’re going to be in Seattle this weekend and have a fondness for the hoppy beverage check out my latest article on for all the details on the Seattle Beerfest, July 1-3.

Attempting Thai “Lite”

Last night, Maddy and I went out for dinner and some serious catch-up time.  We went to a favorite, Bai Pai on NE 65th Street in Ravenna.  Our other friends that were supposed to meet up with us had car trouble (one girl’s battery died and the other had a rock thrown through her back windshield – unbelievable!), so it was just Maddy and me.  The upside to this is Maddy and I are both trying to get rid of those pounds that come from working too hard and too late and eating mindlessly.  With the other girls out of the picture, we didn’t have to worry about declining the fried spring rolls, or voting against the coconut prawns (so good!).  So, we decided to try to do Thai “Lite.”

Now, I love Thai food, and Seattle has an abundance of good spots to indulge this penchant.  Unfortunately, I also love the curries (panang chicken is my favorite), the deep fried spring rolls, the satay with peanut sauce, and the fried rice.  Going light was going to be a challenge. 

We decided on garlic string beans to start and garlic lovers’ prawns and lemongrass chicken for sharable entrees, accompanied by rice – we chose brown – of course.  So no curry, nothing fried, nothing even breaded.

The garlic string beans were fresh, crunchy and spicy (I think they were stir fried in chili oil) – I didn’t miss my spring rolls one bit! 

After the string beans we dug into our entrees.  The garlic lovers’ prawns consisted of prawns and broccoli, the broccoli was crisp (not overcooked like you often encounter) and had a really nice, hot spice.  The lemongrass chicken was a perfect foil to the garlic lovers prawns. The chicken was nicely grilled with a sweet dipping sauce and papaya salsa on the side.  The brown rice gave us some good for you grains and acted as relief from the spice of the prawns.    

All in all, almost a perfect meal.  I did miss my beer, however.  Apparently Singha Light does exist, but I have never found it on offer at any of the Thai places I’ve been to, and that, quite frankly, is a tragedy.  At sushi, Kirin Light is almost always available, not so at Thai.  Why is this, do you think?