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Baffling Tea Wisdom

I don’t drink coffee, which is scandalous in the land of Starbucks, but I do drink tea.  A lot.  Primarily to stay warm, during the nine months of gray.

Every morning starts off with a steaming mug of Yogi Super Anti-Oxidant Green Tea (does this make me a healthy blogger?).  And as the day progresses various other types of tea are consumed.  Most of these teas, which tend to be Yogi or Good Earth, have little quotes on the teabag tag.  (Yes, teabags.  I recognize the flavor advantage of loose-leaf but it just isn’t practical at the office and so is reserved for home use.)

Many are straightforward: “When the mind is backed by will, miracles happen.”

Some are true gems of wisdom: “Trust the Wisdom of the Heart.”

But some, are just downright baffling.  For example, this morning I received:

“The trust that others place in you is your grace.”

Come again?   Is this a riddle?  Is it supposed to mean if you are gracious people will trust you?  Or does it mean that trust by others makes you graceful and/or gracious?

Can someone please tell me what this means?

Dirty Little (Foodie) Secrets

Forget the confessions.  It’s Friday and I’m feeling generous because I have to work all weekend and if I can’t have a good time someone else should.  So I’m gifting you with  insight – things you could only figure out by careful observation of me for days, months, years even

Without further ado, here are some of my dirty little secrets.

  • I find Hot Tamales irresistible.  Put that siren red box in front of me at a checkout line and you will get my money every time.  I’ve even been  known to stalk people eating those red-hot wonders at sporting events until I find which concession stand is holding the hotness hostage.
  • I sometimes crave Marie Calendar’s chicken pot pies – the frozen ones.  The calories and fat counts keep me pining in the freezer aisle.
  • My true Achilles heel are potato chips.  Leave a bag of KC Masterpiece in my vicinity and that bag will be dust in 10 minutes flat.  As a result, you will rarely find a chip in our house.  That temptation stays at the store where it belongs.
  • Sometimes two Jack in the Box tacos and a chocolate shake is a perfect meal.  The greasier the tacos, the better.
  • I think In-n-Out is way better than Dick’s. 
  • I think there needs to be a cook book called “Fat Man in the Kitchen” – because I would totally buy it, for the title alone.
  • I have trouble trusting skinny chefs . . .

And with that, I’m off to a weekend of avoiding the Seattle lynch mob that is no doubt forming over my Dick’s denigration and to prep for trial.  Have a fabulous food-filled weekend 😉