Airplane Encounters

I’ve been flying around a bit lately and although my head is usually buried in a book, a stack of work papers or firmly fixed on my laptop, sometimes I get to chatting with my seat mates.

In the course of two days and two flights, I met:

  • A former fire fighter who now helps design fire suppression systems for big box stores and whose work travel can include 2-3 flights per day;
  • A software engineer who plays Australian Rules Football (Footie to those in the know) on the side; and
  • A former law student who now acts as a consultant to persons setting up and running “dispensaries” (yes, we’re talking pot here).  Apparently, business is booming.

Dispensary consultant wins the award for most interesting profession and use of an almost law degree.

What’s the most interesting profession you’ve come across in your wanders?

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  1. What a great question! I’ve met a man who runs an orphanage…in Africa!

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