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A Taste of Harrods Royal Wedding Tea

Jim’s daughter Jamie spent last semester in London, just in time for all the Royal Wedding pageantry, commemorative stamps, plates, coins, and other assorted “collectibles.” Knowing my obsession with all things legally ingestible she brought the most iconically British Royal Wedding collectible home for me – tea.

Before opening my gift, I was instructed to smell the wrapped package. The heady scent of rose overwhelmed me and caused me to guess “soap” when prompted. In truth, potpourri flashed through my mind but I’m pretty sure no one’s actually purchased potpourri since the 1980s. Some thin bar like substances in the package – which turned out to be chocolate – also hindered my guess work.

She laughed no and I opened my package to reveal Harrods English Rose Wedding Tea. A mix of black tea riddled with rose petals. Naturally, it needed to be tasted immediately.

When steeped, the tea became a rich caramel color. The rose emitted a luxurious scent that translated to a feeling more than a taste; a pleasant pulse in the middle of the back throat. The tea tasted slightly floral but predominantly soothing like a cashmere throw on a chilly spring night.

It did not need to be gussied up with cream and sugar. Like Kate’s dress, it was simple and elegant. How very British.


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  1. Wow! What an amazing picture!

  2. Sounds fabulous. So pretty too.

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