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The Meaning of OC2Seattle

When I created this blog, the intent was to name it Sarah in Seattle and to write my Alice experience in this Wonderland. The Twitter handle was open and I took it. Then I discovered the web address Sarah in Seattle was already taken. These days this is an all too common phenomenon and it poses the question, now what?

Hmmm.  The spin I bring to the Seattle scene is the perspective of an outsider, a Southern California outsider to be specific. That So. Cal. girl in my head still thinks of Seattle as “crunchy.” Is dismayed by the lack of effort people put into their appearance and when spotting an ok looking woman with not a stitch of makeup and a greasy ponytail chides  “that girl could be pretty if she wore a little make-up and washed and brushed her hair.  What is it with these women!” If I see a friend or acquaintance with an uncovered blemish, I cringe. My husband calls this shallow.  I call it caring about yourself and putting your best foot forward. In reality it is the Seattle/Orange County collide.

So, when searching for blog titles OC 2 Seattle made sense and I thought, was self-evident. I moved from Orange County – the OC – to Seattle. Simple enough. Or not as it turns out.

Perhaps if The O.C. was still in its heyday or if I had called the blog The OC 2 Seattle people would have gotten it. But I didn’t and they don’t. I’ve come to dislike blogger get togethers where you inevitably have to introduce yourself by twitter handle or blog name because people look at me like my handle is some sort of Druid code.  “Och 2 Seattle?”

Someone thought the OC stood for Obsessive Compulsive. It doesn’t, but I admit starting a blog about obsessive compulsive disorder for obsessive compulsives is a genius way to generate regular readership if you could figure out how to make reading the blog something they obsessively feel compelled to do.  Hmmm. No, too cruel, too cruel.

That interpretation and most people’s bafflement, does make me curious though . . . . what did you think OC 2 Seattle meant? And given the randomness of this blog, what do you think would be a more apt title?


7 Responses

  1. I knew exactly what the title meant, the minute I saw it. And I’m glad you can’t see me right now – my hair is a state and I have no makeup on (per usual)…I fear I would disappoint you and/or gross you out.

    I wouldn’t blame you though! I am disappointing myself!! 🙂

  2. ha ok i totally never really took the time to make the connection…and i did wonder what it meant, kind of like licenses plates that can be read a number of ways

  3. I admit to being a bit baffled at first about the name, but once I got it it made sense right away! It was like those clever license plates that I can never figure out, but once someone fills me in I feel like an idiot for not seeing it myself. 😉 I am all-too-familiar with the blog naming regret thing. Switching it up was quite a bit of work, but I actually increased my hits after doing so.

  4. i think that with the trash system you have in seattle, that the oc stands for both – as you become obsessive compulsive about trash or a city dump if you are not and they refuse your refuse…just saying

  5. Sarah, I assumed that your blog title was exactly what you said orange county to Seattle but I’m not sure if that’s because, when I met you, you told me you were from California or not. 🙂 either way, I love your blog!

    • So nice to hear – so many people have been confused lately, I thought I was crazy! And thanks for the compliment too 🙂

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