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Tulips are Blooming in Skagit Valley

Tulips are my favorite flower and since moving to Seattle in 2007, I’ve planned to attend and missed the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival every year.  Until this year.

I plotted my tulip viewing plan from the moment the daffodils started peeking their heads up in neighboring yards.  Using the handy online bloom map, I waited and waited and waited, for the map to tell me the tulips were finally in bloom. The blooming of the tulips happened to coincide with a singular sunny day so I convinced Jim to leave work alone for a few hours (on a Saturday) and head on over to the tulip fields.

We ditched the long line of cars heading to the tulip fields through an earlier exit and sidetrip to La Conner for an average lunch overlooking the water.  While walking around town we spied The Scone Lady and treated ourselves to a pleasurable groan inducing dessert of Hungarian Shortbread – shortbread filled with strawberry jam with a crumble topping.  We followed the La Conner roads straight to the tulip fields bypassing the highway traffic completely.

The fields were swarming with visitors, most of whom blindly ignored the frequently posted signs asking visitors to please stay out of the tulip beds.

Moderate Level Literacy in the U.S. is 31.4%

As usual, I wasn’t wearing appropriate footwear, but I muddled through anyway.  For your own tulip hunting excursion I recommend rain boots.

Bring Rain Boots

We scouted out Tulip Town but decided to skip it for a trip to the RoozenGarde Gardens and fields.  Entry is $5 per person which admits you to a wonderland of tulip gardens, fair-style snacks and a gift shop.  We viewed the gardens and then exited to explore some of the RoozenGarde fields. 

We brought home five bouquets of tulips (for only $18) in a variety of purples and red, which we distributed in every downstairs room of the house.  A flowery reminder of our sunshiny day in the Skagit Valley.


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  1. wow- literacy is higher than I thought

  2. So beautiful. Very jealous

  3. Beautiful! We waited for 5 hours in traffic and decided to go back. It was near sunset anyway. How did you do it?

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