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When Did Snacks Go Gourmet?

One night a week I head to a non-fiction writing class.  The class is three hours long and takes place during the prime dinner hours, so at the beginning of the quarter people sign up to bring snacks and drinks to class on the various class dates, just as soccer moms do for team practices.  But these snacks are not orange slices and fruit juice.

Gone are the days of the 2 liter soda bottles, chips and dips and homemade cookies, brownies and cupcakes. Our snacks grew up and became gourmet.  Last night I brought a traditional snack of Chocolate Chip Cranberry Cookies that I baked that morning. People were puzzled. “Did you bake these?” Yes, yes I did. I’m a lawyer who moonlights as a freelance writer, bakes, cooks dinner for my husband most nights and occasionally bares a bit of skin for a good causeIs that so unusual? 

Sam brought dried apricots, dark chocolate, gluten-free crackers and a wedge of brie.  Brie. Nora provided two different flavors of organic juice from Whole Foods – neither was apple.  I’m fairly certain I was the only person in the room who thought this was not entirely normal because in Seattle, it is.  The snacks Nora and Sam brought perfectly encapsulate Seattle’s foodie with a healthy, green bent style.  My cookies do not conform.  I guess when it comes to sugar, I’m still a Southern California girl.


2 Responses

  1. yes, we are appreciative of sweets and not afraid in the so. cal., to be so- but all those snacks sound great as the snack buffet they were

  2. I’d have eaten a little of everything and not thought twice about it. Gourment can go wrong I guess…


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