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Rain by any Other Name is Still Rain

In Southern California the weather was fairly straightforward.  Unless you were in the middle of “STORM WATCH [INSERT YEAR HERE]” it was hot and sunny and it was not a legitimate topic of conversation.  In Seattle, things are different.

Weather in Seattle is not only a legitimate conversation starter, it’s an obsession.  Chit chat in the elevator, at the grocery store, at the bank, all revolves around the weather, and in particular, the never-ending rain.  For Seattleites – real or having lived here long enough to be delusional – there is an unquenchable optimism that perhaps we’ll get a little sun this week – maybe even on a weekend.  (For inexplicable reasons, sunny days usually come during the week and the worst weather reserves itself for the weekend.)

And there are all the ways the media can describe the rain.  “Rain changing into showers.”  “Increasing rain.”  Scattered showers.”  “Areas of rain.”   “Some sun breaks.”  Yes, sun breaks. 

Sun breaks were a concept unbeknownst to me until moving to the land of nine-months of gray.  A sun break is the 20 or 30 minutes of sun that may break through the rain clouds in the middle or at the end of a day of never-ending gray/rain/drizzle.  People live for them and will happily abandon their offices and sit outside for the duration of the sun break no matter what the temperature. 

 There are also sun days.  These are the sunny semi-warm days that generally fall mid-Spring to psyche you into thinking good weather has finally arrived.  When the sun days hit, those who can – a surprisingly large number – abandon their offices and head for one of the lakes,”beaches,” the wharf, the parks, anyplace they can sit, walk, bike or run outside and soak up the forgotten sun’s rays.  Dining al fresco suddenly becomes an option and everyone is outside.  Until of course, Seattle decides to slap you in the face with colder and wetter days to remind you who’s boss and to make you really really appreciate the sun of the summer.

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  1. I was just talking to a friend about rain in Seattle…she lived there for awhile, and weather is still her obsession! Thank you so much for sharing your words with me tonight. During good times and bad, your blog always offers me a dose of joy. I hope you have a blessed and happy Sunday, my friend. Hugs from Austin!

  2. I can feel your pain! Here in NC it seems like all the windy days are reserved for the weekends.

  3. Hilarious. It’s a little like the discussion about humidity in miami…maybe today will be the day it breaks

  4. Live from SoCal: 75 and perfect. Carry on. 🙂

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