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Baffling Tea Wisdom

I don’t drink coffee, which is scandalous in the land of Starbucks, but I do drink tea.  A lot.  Primarily to stay warm, during the nine months of gray.

Every morning starts off with a steaming mug of Yogi Super Anti-Oxidant Green Tea (does this make me a healthy blogger?).  And as the day progresses various other types of tea are consumed.  Most of these teas, which tend to be Yogi or Good Earth, have little quotes on the teabag tag.  (Yes, teabags.  I recognize the flavor advantage of loose-leaf but it just isn’t practical at the office and so is reserved for home use.)

Many are straightforward: “When the mind is backed by will, miracles happen.”

Some are true gems of wisdom: “Trust the Wisdom of the Heart.”

But some, are just downright baffling.  For example, this morning I received:

“The trust that others place in you is your grace.”

Come again?   Is this a riddle?  Is it supposed to mean if you are gracious people will trust you?  Or does it mean that trust by others makes you graceful and/or gracious?

Can someone please tell me what this means?


7 Responses

  1. Tea is clever (soothes a cold) but I didn’t know it was that clever!

    I have some loose oolong that I need to pay more attention to.


  2. I also do not drink coffee, and love tea. Many tea companies try to be meaning and zen. I say, just enjoy the flavor of the tea.

  3. i think that it means that you earn grace through other’s perception of their ability to trust you. the more you are trusted by others the more grace you have in terms of good favor and honor. it’s not about being graceful or gracious. it’s about being spiritually full of grace.

  4. I am mystified as well…I’ll have to go with what wasabi said – you must be a really good secret-keeper!

  5. I think it means that the your trustworthiness that people see in you is a big part of your beauty/charm.

    I like the other interpretation as well, but it’s how you think of it that matters 😀

  6. Maybe it means you’re a good secret-keeper. Which, I think is appropriate, given your profession — you’re the guardian of sensitive information every day, I’m sure! Wow, the tea really IS quite clever. I drink coffee, but also drink tea. Unfortunately, the tea I drink isn’t so wise — no great messages of wisdom from the great beyond. More like: “careful, hot tea.”

    • I like your interpretation and never knew the tea was so clever. I’m now contemplating plotting my day by what the tea tells me 😉 You clearly need to switch up to the wisdom tea so you can join me.

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