Stupid Knife Tricks

At a food outing last year, I received the Devil: “The knife that cuts mainly anything.”

According to its packaging, the Devil can cut through metal cans and still slice fruit.

To find out if it really can, check out my short video below.  To make this into a drinking game, drink every time I stumble over my words and/or mispronounce things 😉

This demo makes a great party trick for your foodie friends or anyone who has had a lot of wine.


5 Responses

  1. Still my all time favorite video

  2. Great video, and I loved the protective eye wear. Very important! I think I’ll probably skip the knife tricks mixed with wine though…I’ve learned from my mistakes, thank you very much.

  3. Love the video! I should be rolling out some video wine tasting sometime soon.

    I still owe you a guest post on a healthy salad. As always I get myself in over my head and I forgot to add it to my list until recently.


  4. hahaha — I love that it cuts through “mainly” anything (including a PBR can!). And this would be an inspired White Elephant Foodie Party. Everyone has to bring something culinary-related, but “As Seen on TV.” Oh, the possibilities…

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