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Betty C Is My Homegirl (Guest Blog by Jennifer)

Guest Blog by My Sister Jennifer

People are always amazed when any baked good is “homemade.” Many cooks brag about their baked goods being from scratch. Yet if you admit to using Betty Crocker it is suddenly “from a box.” Well, I added eggs, oil and stirred and then I baked at my home…I guess since I didn’t measure the dry ingredients I didn’t home-make it? What the hell?

This is truly one of my pet peeves. I don’t believe that since you measured the flour yourself it makes it any better than a box of good ole Betty Crocker cake mix. Generally I would have to say, your cake tastes too heavy because you did not sift the flour and we all would have enjoyed dessert a bunch more had you used Betty C. PS: your frosting sucks too.

Betty Crocker is a brand that has been with our country since before the great depression. The brand is based on bringing better solutions to cooks. They have test kitchens where they test over 50,000 recipes a year. I am pretty darn sure that someone who is paid full time to play with and create cake mix and frosting is going to come up with something better then I will in my spare 30 minutes. Yet the snobbery persists.

Here is a fun game I like to play. I use my Betty C and say I “made the cake”, then when people drool over the fact it is “homemade” I say nothing. I laugh to myself. Betty C has my back.

Test it out. Have a cupcake contest and you make Betty C and have your scratch friend make a cake from scratch. Don’t tell anyone who made what. You can jazz up your Betty C with infusions. Do chococlate mix and then get a cupcake plunger and fill the middle with cream cheese frosting (jam, whatever) and then frost the top with Betty C chocolate frosting. People will think you are a true gourmet. Shave some dark chocolate on top for effect. It works every time. See who wins….

For more ideas check out http://www.bettycrocker.com

On the homemade vs scratch here are a few things to consider:
When you grate the cheese by hand, did you do it from scratch?
When you pull apart the lettuce yourself, then is it homemade?

P.S. From Sarah: Jen makes really awesome candy – from scratch. Irony.


9 Responses

  1. Hey good postm i’ll be sure to check back soon.

  2. How about pie crust? I can tell the difference and most people would. But the question is do they care? I do, but that is just me.


  3. It’s interesting to see this point of view. I can’t say fore sure if I agree or not, but it is something I will think about now.

  4. There is nothing wrong with cake mix from a box; however, a “made from scratch” cake allows for more nuance and personality to come through.

  5. after taking cooking classes and getting high praise from nachos from scratch to delicacies ranging from fudge to cakes ..I slowly began putting in cans of refried beans as opposed to the 3 day marathon of pinto beans ” homemade” and the can of jalapenos as opposed to the “homemade bashing and steaming” and the marshmallow fudge recipe on the back of the jar and good old Betty–no one noticed- the compliments continued and I too smirk

  6. If betty C had the candy ingredients in a box I would use in a heartbeat:) Chopping nuts is a lot of work! Love the pudding idea Jen W. PS: Faker Bakers is for fake tanners not awesome bakers who use Betty C

  7. Jennifer…this is so you! 🙂

    My friend adds a packet of Jello Chocolate pudding mix to all of his cakes and it makes it SUPER delish…even more like a homemade cake, with an additional box of goodness! Just a bonus tip for the day for all those FAKER BAKERs out there!

    Hugs to Jack and Dave! -Whelan

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