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Cake – It’s What’s for Breakfast

When I was growing up, the nazi nutritionism of today was noticeably absent.  Sure, there were still some whole foods, eat-from-the-earth types hanging around from the 60s but they were, hippies.

There were also some parents who restricted the amount of sugar their children could consume – to keep them from climbing the walls.  My mom was not one of them.

As long as we were’nt visibly sick and not trending toward the chubby side, we could eat whatever we wanted.  Chips, cookies, Grape Nuts, nothing was forbidden.  (Well, maybe the Grape Nuts, which my Mom decried as “cardboard.”)  Every other month or so, there was even . . . cakeFor breakfast.

My Mom’s cake-for-breakfast rationale was simple: “You eat it with milk and it has eggs and stuff in it.”  There’s just no arguing with that logic.  Besides, why would you want to?

My Mom didn’t just make any old cake though, she made slide cake.  You can spot a slide cake by its distinctive irregular sliding shape:

Here’s Mom’s secret recipe:

Mom’s Slide Cake

  • One box chocolate cake mix.  Any type will do, but Mom preferred Betty Crocker;
  • Eggs (the amount specified on the cake mix of your choice);
  • Vegetable Oil (oh yeah, I said, vegetable oil, I don’t want to see that new-fangled better-for-you Canola Oil in my slide cake);
  • Water (the amount specified in your cake mix of choice);
  • 1 can chocolate frosting.  Again Betty Crocker was a fav.

Make according to cake mix directions. 

When the cake is finished baking, immediately remove it from the oven and plate it.  Do not let the cake cool – there are children to be fed!

Frost.  Technique is not important here.  Just slap that frosting on.  If you have leftover frosting – shame on you – you can refrigerate it and add it to graham crackers for a cinnamon, chocolatey snack.

Slice, plate and serve with a big glass of nonfat milk.


Happy Friday Everyone – hope your weekend is filled with chocolate and fun or chocolatey-fun (Valentine’s Day is coming up, it’s never too soon for a trial run .) 


20 Responses

  1. […] lucked out in the mom department.  Not only did I get cake for breakfast, but candy and cookies in my lunch.  When I was sick Mom spoiled me with a “couch […]

  2. […] on January 31, 2011 by oc2seattle The Jack Bomb If you read the comments in response to “Cake – It’s What’s For Breakfast,” you may have noticed a mysterious reference to the “Jack Bomb” dropped by my […]

  3. I love it. There was nothing better than birthday time because my sister and I would feast on cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner (for at least a few days!) No other sweets besides that during the rest of the year. Needless to say, my kids will have their fair share of baked goodies!

  4. I am likely going to have apple pie for breakfast in a minute. Seems quite reasonable to me. I have the whole day to burn it of!


  5. My mom let us eat whatever we wanted, too. She was a professional cake baker but never actually baked us cakes for breakfast. She did encourage pumpkin pie in the morning if some happened to be around. Looking back, I can’t believe what she let us eat 🙂

  6. I have taken moms basic breakfast and added a twist. Instead of 1 can of frosting use 2. Yes 2. You want the middle to have so much frosting it is almost like a solid layer on its own.

    I have kept the family tradition and make cupcakes for breakfast for the kids. Lemon cake mix and lemon frosting. It is fruit for breakfast and yes it comes with milk and eggs and stuff… Chocolate “jack bombs” are another way to go. I feel a guest blog coming on

  7. My mom must have been one of those “hippies”. We weren’t allowed to eat lots of sweets and there was always a box of Grape Nuts (or plaid old Cheerios) in the cupboard. And cake for breakfast was out of the question! I would have been in heaven if my mom had served this cake for breakfast!

  8. That’s pretty awesome! Every kid’s dream come true.

  9. I so agree with your mom! I made apple cake last night and it was my breakfast today morning .. after all it’s all most weekend 😉

  10. This looks delicious and easy to make. Thanks for sharing. What about butter instead of oil. Is this forbidden as well? 🙂

  11. Oh boy, look at that oozing chocolate at the bottom of the slice! Wow!

  12. Chocolate cake for breakfast? I wish your mom was my mom.

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