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Guest Bloggers? Hell-to-the-yes!

It was brought to my attention Monday, that guest blog posts may not be a bad thing for those periods of time when I am MIA, uninspired or to just plain shake things up. On Thursday, Cajun Chef Ryan posted his shout out for guest bloggers and I saw it as a sign.

While guest posts are not entirely new here – remember Jen’s fab guest posts while I was in Paris? – they haven’t been as regular a feature as I would like.

So I’m putting the official call out. If you would like to guest post here drop me an email at oc2seattle@gmail.com.

To make things a bit more orderly, here are a few ground rules:

1. Please follow the Dos and Don’ts – especially the Dont’s – set forth here.

2. Topics: The scope is wide due to my lack of discipline. Dazzle us with your take and tips on food, wine, cocktails, exercise, writing, beauty tips, Seattle or a combo of any of these topics.

3. The post must be original and – although it goes without saying – yours.

4. Give me a lead! A brief description of yourself and – if applicable – your blog.

5. Pics are lovely but not necessary unless you’re submitting a recipe or cocktail – then we need a visual, please.

6. Finally, if your guest post is accepted, post a link to it on your blog, facebook, and/or Tweet about it. Let’s maximize your exposure 😉

I would love to make guest blogs a regular feature so inundate me, baby!


9 Responses

  1. I’ve always wanted to do a guest blog, but had no idea how.
    Thanks for publicizing it!

  2. Sounds like a great idea to me! Just gotta think of a good post now…

  3. Sara,

    I will shoot you a note on Monday with an idea for a guest post.


  4. I’m up for it! 🙂

  5. Absolutely. I know all about needing lead time 😉

  6. Sign me up! But give me a few weeks okay!

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