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Yoga Discoveries

In May I was a yoga fanatic and then . . . life interrupted. Most of my summer was spent traveling back and forth from Orange County to Seattle and back to Orange County for work. I flew nearly 18,000 miles in three months repeating a sub-2000 mile roundtrip.

I missed yoga. That said, I found myself spending my limited exercise time on less-fun and less-body-friendly activities – hello dreadmill – thinking I was maximizing my calorie burn. You see, even though I felt I was getting more toned and I was losing weight practicing yoga (and in fairness, playing tennis 2+ times per week), Sparkpeople.com and similar websites told me I was burning a lowly 200 calories per hour. Less than 1/2 a Starbucks scone. So I kept skipping yoga in favor of known, but less enjoyable, calorie burners.

Finally, Monday I got it together and headed to a 10 am yoga class. I thought it would be a good toning supplement to tennis and the dreadmill. I also decided to attempt to discover the real burn of hot hatha. With my big ol Polar watch strapped to my wrist and chest strap tucked under my sports bra I headed off. I recorded the calorie burn from both my walk to/from the yoga studio (about 1 mile) and the 1-hour class. The result? . . . .wait for it . . .

A Hell yeah! inspiring 739 calories. 587 calories from the class and 152 from the one-mile speed walk to/from my office and class. This beats tennis class by more than 200 calories for the exact same amount of time.

So guess where I’m headed today?

15 Responses

  1. I have just signed up for a yoga class, as a way to tone up – but if it really does burn that many calories then – bonus!!!

  2. I think my comments are going to spam???

  3. I did 4 days of yoga this week versus 4 days the entire last 3 months…I remembered how much I love it! But yeah, the calorie burn? Not so good!

  4. I need to start going to yoga again…I’m just scared that I’m going to make a fool out of myself. I’ve not practiced for so long! I must say that you are inspiring me…I will let you know how it goes (if it happens!)

    • You are so not going to make a fool out of yourself! It’s yoga – not synchronized swimming! Just pretend to yourself that you’ve never done yoga before, then you’ll be stoked no matter how well you did 😉

  5. Look how that balances out the treats! i need to do more yoga.

  6. Dang! Those vinyasas sort of sneak up on you (and apparently add up!) Which yoga studio do you go to? My favorites are Mountain Flow Yoga and Be Luminous:) I start teacher training at Be Luminous this month (eek!)

    • Urban Yoga Spa so I can walk to and from work. Good luck with teacher training! I’ll have to check out one of your classes when you start teaching 🙂

  7. I adore my power yoga classes…with all those vinyassas and a 99 degree room, I’m sure I burned more than 200 calories this morning…at least I hope so 🙂

  8. I need to do more yoga too!

    • I usually end up getting foiled in my attempts by 4:30 calls from clients – I’m just not going to answer the phone past 4:20 and see if that works 😉

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