As you may have noticed my posts have been – um – not quite as regular as usual. Ok, ok. They’ve been few and far between. It’s not like I don’t have things to post about – Viva Las Vegas – it’s just that I’ve been completely lacking in inspiration.

I’ve repeatedly heard and read that if you have a blog you have the opportunity to write every day and that you shouldn’t let that opportunity pass you by. But I already write every day for work.

For example, yesterday I wrote a letter to opposing counsel, a supplemental discovery response and an opposition to a motion to compel. You may think this doesn’t qualify as creative writing but let me tell you, you get pretty creative coming up with ways to convey to the Court that opposing counsel are bumbling buffoons who couldn’t find an intelligible discovery request with both hands and a map without actually using those words or any words even slightly as colorful. Subtlety is a creative art form.

The truth of the matter, however, is that I’m a lazy writer. If it doesn’t flow I procrastinate until it does or until a deadline makes me and with this blog there are no deadlines in sight. So, I need to either put my nose to the grindstone and pound something out or wait for inspiration to strike or . . . .

Help me out here: What do you do to get yourself inspired or make yourself just start writing? Tips and entertaining stories welcome 😉


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  1. Hey, if you are looking for inspiration, I just bought the book “Will Write for Food” and it has great tips and inspiration for food writing. I have had months where only a handfull of posts went up, for various reasons, but hey, when you release yourself from the “I have to post daily” mantra, you actually free yourself to write more!

  2. OR…get a few guest bloggers 🙂

  3. I don’t really call myself a ‘writer’, so I’m not sure this will be of any help. I just love to cook, and love to share my successes, and sometimes my failures, with anyone who cares to read it. Eating is necessary, and eating good food is ideal, so my inspiration comes from a need to keep things current and changing and trying to fend off boredom. This is my job…homemaking, so it comes with the territory.

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