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God, Sushi and the Falsies

I took a break from trial prep last weekend to hang out with my lil sis Dani and indulge in two of my favorite Orange County cuisines – sushi and frozen yogurt.

Now, Dani and I have spent many an hour at sushi bars in the OC.  Gen Kai is a favorite in Corona del Mar, we’ve sharpened our chopsticks at 9:30 Sushi in Newport Beach more than once and we’ve sampled many a roll at every Wasa location.  It was time to take her old school – I Love Sushi in Costa Mesa. 

I Love Sushi is on Harbor Blvd. just past all the car dealerships.  It is in a high traffic nightlife area.  If you go there it’s because you’re in the know and don’t want to deal with the 3-hour wait at the trendy sushi bars the beautiful people frequent.   I Love Sushi is big and features a long sushi bar, many a red laminate booth, a big Christmas tree up front and to our delight a “Happy Hour” menu that lasts all day and night.  We used the plain vanilla test and ordered the basics:  miso soup ($1.50 each); edamame ($3.00); spicy tuna roll (happy hour menu for $4.50); crunchy roll (HH menu $4.50); shrimp and veggie tempura (HH menu $3.50); albacore sashimi (regular menu $10.95) and for me a 22 oz. Kirin light ($3.75).  The fish was fresh, the serving sizes were generous and at these prices we didn’t feel bad leaving half a spicy tuna roll uneaten when we realized our eyes were bigger than our stomachs.

Next stop – Yogurtland.  As Yogurtland just happened to be in the same strip mall as Target, we decided to wander the aisles and work up enough room in our stomachs for dessert.  Wandering through make-up – always a favorite – I decided it was time to put Maybelline’s “The Falsies” to the test.  The Falsies claims to volumize your lashes so much that it’s almost like wearing false lashes.  You be the Judge . . .




False eyelash worthy?  Probably not, but more real life appropriate.  Unless you’re a porn star . . .  or Kendra.

After spending way to much finding wacked out stocking stuffers, it was time for Yogurtland.  Heaven, this is frozen yogurt the way it should be, you know, the red velvet cupcake mixed with toasted coconut topped with Cinnamon Toast Crunch kind, not that tart nonsense they try to pass off as frozen yogurt in Seattle.  Dani and I marveled at our stocking stuffer finds while slowly slurping every delectable bite of sugar topped fake-ice cream goodness.

On the way back to the hotel, we cruised the surrounding neighborhood for Christmas light displays and stumbled upon the most outrageous display of them all – the Trinity Broadcasting Network – who, it just so happens has a drive-through Christmas Light tour with stunning out-of-control, over-the-top evangelical spectacularness – fountains, crèches (two – one with camels), a giant archangel complete with sword and the cherry on top a big ole “Happy Birthday Jesus” light display facing the 405 freeway.

God, I missed the OC.


2 Responses

  1. Hahaha! Love that you took a picture of your eyeball with and without false eyelashes.

    I hope you have a good Christmas Sarah!


  2. Love the falseies. Your eyes look so pretty I thout it was a model with fake eyelashes. Just got Latisse today so I can keep up

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