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Foodbuzz Festival: The Break-Out Sessions and Tasting Pavillion

The Foodbuzz Festival last weekend started out as any foodie festival should – with loads of wine and gastronomic delights.  Delights I can’t taunt you with because I accidentally deleted all of the photos that same night.  Typical.

Session 1

On the heels of that disaster, it was appropriate that my first “breakout” session Day 2, was “It’s a Snap: Hands-on Photography Workshop.”  The session was led by Laura of The Cooking Photographer and Marc of No Recipes.  They started the session off by showing a clear, colorful, TasteSpotting worthy photo – taken with an iPod.  The point?  You don’t need a fancy camera to take good photos (but it doesn’t hurt). 

Laura’s composition tips were huge for me:

  • To create tension: Pouring, dripping and other frozen movement.
  • To create movement: diagonals and spirals are your friends.
  • Photos benefit from shading.

Laura and Marc also talked angles, macro mode, lighting and shooting RAW.  Then we whipped out our cameras and started practicing.

I Still Need a Lot of Practice!

Session 2: Great Catch!

Session 2 put me face to face with one of my favorite chefs – Mary Sue Milliken. 

I’ve been eating at Mary Sue and Susan’s  Border Grill and Ciudad for years, so watching her cook live was a dream I didn’t know I had come true.  She discussed sustainable seafood use and made two types of fish tacos showcasing Alaskan halibut and salmon.  YUM.

Session 3

The last session of the day was “Food Blogger’s Guide to Success (Whatever That Means).”  Hmmmmm . . .

On to the Tasting Pavillion

After the breakout sessions, I rendezvoused with my sister and friend Julie and we headed off to the Tasting Pavillion where we ate Mary Sue’s fish tacos and this:

Miss Pearl's Spicy Shrimp

And this:

Saag's Sausage

And drank this:

Far Niente Wines

It was shocking and relieving to see an established, high-end, tasty winery at a tasting event.  

I also snagged a shot with Mary Sue Milliken:

 And attempted to get on Food Network by stuffing my face with way too many mini cupcakes – yes, I am shameless.

We wrapped the event by making a 7 second video that was turned into a flip book courtesy of Buitoni.  I’m contacting the company who made the book and seeing if I can snag their video for you all, but if not, at least there’s this:

There’s no way this weekend can top last weekend’s Foodbuzz Festival but that just makes going back next year all the more appealing 😉
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6 Responses

  1. Sorry to hear about your picture malfunction. At least it wasn’t wardrobe!

    Too much wine and food not to expect to have brought some of it home in the wrong places…

    Hopefully I’ll get there next year.


  2. Such a fun recap. I would have been stuffing my face with cupcakes too. Thank you for sharing! I really want to go next year…I’m going to find a way to make it happen. Thank you for sharing. I hope your weekend is going well!

  3. can you believe we were in the same three sessions and didn’t meet….sigh…… definitely no need to stalk me, although it sounds like that could be fun too! Till next year my friend, but thanks to all the great images from all our friends we can remember this wonderful event until then!

  4. Great recap! I only wish that I could have another fish taco (or two, or three…)!

  5. It’s true last year was special cuz it was new and enough smaller to make it easier to navigate. But overall I had more fun this year. Which surprised me cuz I was nervous about leading a discussion and a few other public speaking moments. GREG

  6. Sarah,
    Great report!

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