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Foodbuzz Festival Scavenger Hunt: Team Tony and the Gold Dust Gals

Team Tony and the Gold Dust Gals Late Night Nosh

  • 4 shots Goldschlager
  • 1 Cosmo 
  • 15 synchronized jumping jacks
  • 4 kinds of Hostess products
  • tango sans music with a sexy stranger
  • 1 SGV Food Dood and
  • 7 mostly high-heel wearing food babes
  • San Francisco
  • Mix together and you get Tony and the Gold Dust Gals on the loose in San Francisco in the Foodbuzz Festival Scavenger Hunt.

    The last night of the Foodbuzz Festival started off innocently enough.  New friendships became stronger as people bonded over wine, food and their obsession with photographing said food.  Blog names, concepts and food photography tips were discussed at length over dinner and a simultaneous flash and click echoed through the Ferry Building each time a new course was served.  And then Salty Seattle – the leggy, chartreuse-clad stiletto wielding sous vide evangelist – took the stage and issued a challenge.  Find a team of 8-10 and accomplish 6 tasks, 1st one to the Clock Bar wins a round of drinks, best blog post about the hunt wins $500 towards attending next year’s Foodbuzz Fest. 

    Hell Yes.

    Gastrophoria, The Cooking Photographer and SGVFoodDood a.k.a Tony were up for the challenge. Duhlicious soon rallied despite a 6:30 a.m flight.   Willow Bird Baking and The Chic Life were a harder sell, but when I enticed them with a stop at the Gold Dust Lounge they couldn’t resist. 

    The Gold Dust Lounge

    We added Sandy from Foodbuzz into the mix and Team Tony and the Gold Dust Gals was born. 

    The Tasks

    •  Exchange 10 business cards with new acquaintances;
    • Take a photo of your team making a toast
    • Get a photo of at least 1 team member “noshing on a late night delight”
    • Take a picture of the hippest person you can find and 2 team members
    • 4 Team members must perform 10 synchronized jumping jacks
    • Dance with a stranger (1 team member)

    Task one was a no brainer. The weekend was a networking paradise and we were old hands by Saturday night. Business cards exchanged, we moved on to synchronized jumping jacks – in the stairway of the Ferry Building – in heels.

    Time to take the town.
    By the time we hit the pavement, Julie (Willow Bird Baking) had located a dashing waiter and dancing with a stranger was underway. (Yes, that’s me getting bossy in the background – I blame the wine, naturally.)

    Ladies of SF, find this man and find out if he’s single (and straight) – hot, can dance and is willing to? This man is marriage material (or at least, “shhh baby don’t talk” worthy).
    Three tasks accomplished and we hadn’t even left the Ferry Building – the Gold Dust Lounge beckoned.

    Now, Team Tony and the Gold Dust Gals tended to have a few overachievers in it. Which led to this:

    Jumping Jacks Round 2

    Another round of synchronized calisthenics, this time in front of an iconic San Francisco cable car.  The pic is a bit blurry – but, hey, we were in motion, people.

    We also tended to keep one upping each other on the hippest person.

    First, there was the bow-tie dandy:

    And then we found Monsieur Mohowk and his ladies.  But that didn’t feel right either.

    And then we found, him, the great-grandaddy of hipsters, Gold Dust Jack:

    We toasted our arrival at the Gold Dust Lounge with the only drink appropriate for Tony and the Gold Dust Gals – shots of Goldschlager (and a cosmo for me – my college days are so over – but apparently my Sex and the City days are not).

    With one task remaining we headed out for our late night nosh.  We tried Blondies, but it was closed.  We sussed out Lori’s Diner, but it just didn’t feel like a Tony and the Gold Dust Gals kind of place.  And then the lightbulb in my head went off – Hostess Products

    Now those of you who have followed my experimentations should not be surprised by this.  The team had a  huh? moment and then wholeheartedly embraced it.  (My kind of people.)  Off to Walgreens we went in search of Twinkies and Ho- Hos.  We settled on four packages of processed treats: Raspberry Zingers, Suzy Qs, delectable cupcakes and the classic Twinkie.  We wrangled a manager to snap our pic and took a bite.  The result is that lovely team photo above.  And, oh yeah, Tony and I ate every bite of those Twinkies – and liked it.

    Tasks accomplished, we headed to the Clock Bar.  We may not have been the first team to arrive but we were the last to leave

    Thanks to the Cooking Photographer for the pics.  And thanks to Tony and the Gold Dust Gals for making such a great team.  Can’t wait til next year!
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    23 Responses

    1. Looks like you guys had a blast!

    2. Okay, THIS is what I missed, and what I was expecting as a wrap-up. Next time, I’ll be there and wearing the bowtie! And you have the nerve to call yourself conservative, girl… you should be ASHAMED to wear that tag. Doesn’t fit you at all!

    3. I am sad I missed this. Looks like fun!

    4. This is awesome…so glad we decided to join you guys for the scavenger hunt! 🙂

    5. How did I miss this event? Oh well I managed to find the clock bar and a hangover just fine. GREG

    6. How much fun! You guys had a wonderful time, and I’m so glad that you are able to share some of your experiences with us. And how I miss San Fran!

    7. Oh man, that is SO incredible. I feel drunk from reading and watching – in a wonderful way! You are winners no matter what!

    8. Great post looks like you all had a great time! Loved the sync jumping jacks in the elevator. It was an elevator right? Or have I had 1 too many glasses of wine this evening…

    9. I FREAKIN’ LOVE YOU ALL!!! This is perfection- you guys killed it:)

      Can’t wait to get drinkies soon, L

    10. What a BLAST! I just had a ton of fun and I wasn’t even there – thanks for the great post!

    11. Don’t think I could have summed it up better so I won’t try. Haha. Excellent post!

    12. how did I miss all that fun!!! Looks like your group had a great time!

    13. Sounds wacky and fun. I’m pretty lame though. You would have found me buying drinks at the bar laughing at all the antics!


      • I totally would have persuaded you to join in – how can you pass up the Gold Dust Lounge, est. 1933, and Gold Dust Jack?

    14. My money’s riding on Gold Dust Jack 🙂 What a fun night!!

      Did you get your brief done on time?

    15. You are hilarious! Good luck in the contest! It was wonderful to meet you at the festival.

    16. Haha….looks like much fun was had for the hunt! Sorry I missed it again this year!

      Good luck and hope that “T and the Gals” can pull off the win!

      Bon appetit!

      • You’re on our team next year! We’re hoping for a win too as our team decided that if one of us one he/she would buy cocktails for the rest of the team all weekend at the next Foodbuzz Fest 😉

    17. Freaking great post Sarah! What a fun time and a great team. Tony’s Gold Dust Gals are the best.


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