Wanted: Charitable Food Bloggers

Food Bloggers suffered some bad publicity lately due to a Marie Claire article that questions whether “food and fitness obsessed” bloggers may be setting dangerous examples. My reaction – besides being surprised that Marie Claire published such a sensationalist article – was what about all the good that food bloggers do?

Aside from the sharing of recipes, which helps people learn how to cook, push their culinary boundaries and steer through tricky dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, food bloggers also are a charitable bunch. Bake sales for hunger and charity rides and runs are not uncommon. Blogging about important issues also abounds.

For my nonfiction writing class, I must write an 800-word article by term end. On the heels of the Marie Claire article, I’ve chosen to write about philanthropical food bloggers. I already have a few bloggers on my list, but am looking for more. If you are or know a food blogger who has raised money for charity through his/her blog or by spearheading a local bake sale or other charitable effort and would agree to be interviewed for my article, please email me at oc2seattle@gmail.com. The article is for class at present, but I may seek publication.

Thanks for your help and Happy Friday!
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  1. Have you checked out what PurpleHouseDirt and RainyDayGal are doing with Will Bake For Food? Might be a good current one… ps, love you, beautiful- can’t wait to hang.

    • Yep – I’m baking for the cause and it’s actually what got me started on the idea. Are you participating? Cocktails after could be in order . . .

  2. I definitely would like to help. My friends, family and I have raised over $72K for American Cancer Society & Lance Armstrong Foundation events since 2003. We have used a combination of several food/wine related fundraisers including homemade pies, a chocolate party and homemade wine tastings.


    I have lots of info to share and think what you are doing is fantastic.


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