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Books for Books

As you all know, I’m a serious bookworm. My Mom is an English teacher, so maybe that has something to do with it – it certainly made me start reading Austin at an early age.

Anyway, the illiteracy rate in America makes me cringe but what horrifies me even more is when I hear that schools aren’t even receiving adequate funding to buy books (or aren’t spending their funding dollars on books).

My Mom’s school, Cajon High School is in just such a predicament. They need 500 books and have $0 to buy them. Not willing to take this deficit lying down, they’ve teamed up with Barnes & Noble and if you buy any book online between now and October 13, 2010 (Wednesday) and enter the code 10270874 at checkout, Barnes & Noble will donate 10% back to the school and the English program in particular to buy the needed books.  What could be better than buying schools books by buying books for yourself?

If you need some ideas of books to buy, I have some recommendations in my prior book reviews (search for posts with the tag books).  Right now I’m reading “The Blue Zone” a study of pockets of the world where people live to be 100+ and still are mobile and mentally acute.  In the fiction world, I just finished “Invisible Lives” by Anjali Banerjee and am looking forward to reading her other book “Imaginary Men.”

What books are you reading and loving right now?


2 Responses

  1. I just finished a book called “Enrique’s Journey” by Sonia Nazario which was interesting. Not the best book I’ve read, but an interesting and personal take on illegal immigration. I’m going to re-read a book by Mario Vargas Llosa (since he just won the Nobel Prize), and I’m super excited about starting “The Imperfectionists” by Tom Rachman. That’s for a book club at work, but it looks like a GREAT book!

  2. I just finished a collection of short stories by Lara Vapnyar called There are Jews in My House, and I’m reading The Beet Queen by Louise Eldrich. Both are stunning!

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