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PROBLOGGER’s Latest Must Have for Bloggers

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I’ve been MIA this week.  Work has me flying up and down the West Coast this week and the next 4  – I’m getting to know the SEATAC and OC airports better than ever these days and if the full body scanners go in soon as threatened, they’ll be getting to know me intimately as well. 

I learned this past trip, that TSA (that’s the Transportation Security Administration) has determined that snow globes, yes, snow globes are a threat to national security!  I guess we never have to worry about receiving that souvenir again. 

But I digress . . .

When I checked my email today and saw that PROBLOGGER released a new e-book and that it’s being offered at a discounted rate for only two weeks, I dropped everything and bought myself a copy.  I read through it as fast as humanly possible – for a non-speed reader – and knew I needed to let you all know about it STAT!

PROBLOGGER is a blog by blogging guru Darren Rowse.  Darren is one of the bloggers out there rockin 6 figures via his blogs.  On PROBLOGGER he, along with a crew of guest bloggers, help new and established bloggers figure out how to write compelling posts, increase readership, work the mystery that is SEO and more.  His e-book 31 Days to Build a Better Blog (Click here to view more details) is a blogging bible.

I signed up for his free email subscription months ago and recommend it for any of you who blog.  The tips in those emails are insightful.

Today he released what I think is going to be a must for every blogger who wants to make sure each one of their posts is written:

  • Effectively;
  • Free of common grammatical errors (I cringe when I see them, don’t you?);
  • Tells a story;
  • Is interesting; and
  • Works a little SEO magic as a bonus.

My favorite part?  The checklist you can use to score your post (I have some serious work to do). 

For two weeks only you can buy The Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers for only $9.97, after that it will be $14.97.  (Click here to view more details)

When reading my copy I found that Darren generously slipped in a bonus code to receive 50% off 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Now (Click here to view more details) and Practical SEO Copywriting.

Because I am such a fan of PROBLOGGER, I signed up to be an affiliate, so if you buy either e-book through the links above, a little green love will come my way.

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3 Responses

  1. Interesting post! I am on the fence with blogging.

    I love (I think) to write…but I need to work full-time and don’t have much time to devote to a Blog and its pressures. And it’s a lot of time spent to be as creative and amazing as alot of blogs are ! (including yours!) . And, no pay :(…

    It’s hard, because I hate my job, but am in debt so my options are quite limited to say the least…

    Take care. 🙂

  2. I would love to read a book like this…and I need to! I’ve been learning so much about blogging, and I’m looking forward to learning more.

  3. Going to check out that resource for sure!
    Thank you!

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