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My First Falafel Was At L’AS

L'As Du Fallafel in Paris

If you like food and you’re going to Paris there are two sources everyone will recommend, Hungry for Paris by Alec Lobrano and David Liebovitz‘s blog “living the sweet life in Paris.”  While in Paris, they were my form of a foodie bible and they both were adamant that if you were in the Marais, you had to try L’AS Fallafel.

Our first Sunday in the Marais I didn’t heed the advice.  Kate and I were on an exploration and shopping mission and didn’t have time to eat.  The second Sunday, I was determined to try L’AS.  So, dragging my mom and Kate along, we headed to Rue de Rosiers and L’AS. 

There was a long line snaking from the window of L’AS down the Rue de Rosiers.  Our order was quickly taken, however, and we waited in anticipation for our falafel.  My first ever.

Now, my French is only good enough to order what I want and then stare blankly at any response.  I watched while a pita was opened and stuffed with lightly pickled red cabbage, salted cucumbers, creamy hummus, crispy chickpea fritters and harissa.  Somehow, through head shaking I managed to order extra spicy harissa on my falafel  and no extra on my mom’s – lucky for her as she does not like it hot.  

Fallafel by L'AS

With falafel in hand we wandered to a slightly less crowded side street and dug in, spilling cabbage and cucumbers at a rapid pace.  How was it?  Crunchy, creamy, crispy, spicy. . . in a word, delectable.

Me and My Fallafel

I suspect, however, that  L’AS has spoiled me for all other falafel . . .  I guess I’ll just have to go back to Paris.  Sigh 😉

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3 Responses

  1. Was this is the Jewish area of Paris? If so, I have eatten the same falafal!

  2. I love your shirt. Great color looks good:)

  3. Oh my! I love falafal (and had my first in Jordan earlier this year). It sounds like your Paris find was hit-on. Thanks for sharing…you’ve made me hungry!

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