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Tasting Trackside Cuisine


Speedway Cuisine

Speedway Cuisine

The morning of the Indy 500 dawned early for Jim and me – we had an 8:30 am police escort to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to catch.  I breakfasted responsibly at the hotel with a bowl of oatmeal but with a 1:12 pm race time, concessions at the Speedway were unavoidable. 

The food and beverage on offer at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is made with taste and speed in mind.  Health is not a consideration and healthy options, unless you count Miller Lite are not available. 

What is on offer are biscuits and gravy, hot dogs, bratwurst, Italian Sausage, Fried Rice, Egg Rolls, Philly Cheese steaks, Hamburgers, French Fries (in a cup), Giant Soft Pretzels, Grilled Tenderloin (which is a breaded meat product stuck between a bun in a meat to bun ratio that is 2-1), Elephant Ears, Funnel Cakes, Ben & Jerry’s and frozen lemon and strawberry ices.  Basically, the type of food responsible for the widening of America.

Soft Pretzels and Ices

To drink there is lemonade, Miller, Miller Lite, MGD, Gin and Juice, Fosters – the big one in the big can – and bottled water.  The drink most frequently consumed was Miller Lite, which I found pretty ironic since it was usually being drunk by someone holding a big ole grilled tenderloin and fries in their other hand.

Red Stag and Cola

Red Stag and Cola

By mid-morning, I was hungry and it was time to start exploring the food choices.  Given the options, I decided to just enjoy the grease and forgo the guilt (a theme for this trip it seems).  I started off at Clabber Girl.

Trackside Dining at Clabber Girl

Clabber Girl offered sausage cheddar biscuits with or without gravy, plain biscuits and gravy and “parfait.”  Thinking parfait was yogurt and fruit I flirted with the idea until I saw one made: biscuit crumbles, strawberry syrup sauce, a few strawberries and whipped cream or ice cream or some unidentifiable non-yogurt concoction.  Pass.  I settled on the sausage cheddar biscuits, which consisted of two biscuits with sausage and cheese baked in.  They tasted like salty, cheesy biscuits.  Not bad.  Jim had Fosters for his mid-morning snack 😉

Sausage and Cheddar Biscuits at Clabber Girl

Sausage and Cheddar Biscuits

On Carb Day I succumbed to the lure of the bratwurst and was pleasantly surprised by the spiciness of the brat and the fact that the bun was grilled (something I wish Safeco Field would get into).  With relish and mustard it was a perfect lunch.

Bratwurst at the Indy 500

Brat at the Indy 500 Grill

On Race Day, I tried out the Italian Sausage.  Again, the sausage had a nice spicy heat, but I was let down by the fact that it was only served with grilled onions instead of the traditional onions and peppers (I think they ran out).

Given the 95 degree heat, I stuck to water all day and added in a Lemon Ice for it’s cooling factor.  At first glance this was a lo-cal treat at only 80 cal, until I realized there were 4 servings in the container making my 80 cal treat a 320 cal indulgence.  C’est la Vie.

The Indy Grill

The Indy Grill

While the food served may not scream, or even flirt with health, it is possible to stay healthy and lo-cal at the Speedway.  Unlike every other event venue I’ve ever been too, the Speedway allows you to bring food and drink, yes even beer, in with you.  Coolers full of beer abound and packing a PB&J in a Ziploc is part of the experience for many.

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7 Responses

  1. I do love a biscuit. Adding the cheddar and sausage – now that is over the top delicious!

  2. The calories in the grease fall to the ground if you are eating and walking around.

  3. Such fun photos…these are the times when we are meant to forget all the health food advice and just enjoy all the greasy goodness!

  4. absolutely. forget the guilt. go with the grease. seriously 🙂

  5. I must admit that those biscuits had my mouth watering just a bit…

  6. How fun! The atmosphere itself makes a hot dog taste good.

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