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Indy = Mug N Bun

Mug 'n Bun Drive-In

Mug 'n Bun Drive-In

I strive not to be a creature of habit, but when we got into Indy, there was only one place I wanted to go to for dinner – Mug ‘n Bun – Indianapolis’s old school drive-in.  

Mug ‘n Bun has been serving up burgers and deep-fried treats since 1960.  We discovered Mug ‘n Bun last year on race weekend, because a friend – who is a native of Indianapolis (and Vegan) – said to go there for the famous root beer.  We did and discovered nirvana . . . 

Deep Fried Nirvana

Deep Fried Nirvana

Macaroni and Cheese wedges.  Inside those little deep-fried triangles is oooey, gooey mac ‘n cheese.  Not gourmet Gruyère or lobster mac but American cheddar mac ‘n cheese.  Biting into the wedge, the liquid cheese bursts into your mouth and brings you instantly back to childhood before waking you up with a naughty deep-fried twist.  Unbelievable.    

It’s the Mac ‘n Cheese wedges that brought us back this year but the root beer is also phenomenal (skip the diet and go with the original).  Jim, who is super picky about shakes, says Mug ‘n Bun’s chocolate shakes are in his top two – tied with Dick’s in Seattle. 

The corn dog is my standard companion to the mac ‘n cheese wedges and it is everythng a corn dog should be.  A perfectly crisp but not over crisp shell, a deep rich batter and a steaming hot dog. 

Jim sampled the Super Burger this year, two beef patties with bacon, on your choice of “toast” or a bun.  He opted for the “toast” (white bread – seriously – toasted) but says the bun would be his pick next time.  Last year he got the Triple Burger (yes, the man loves his meat) and was surprised to find two pieces of white bread on the top and bottom of the second patty – this mysteriousness is called the “middle bun” and you can ask them to skip it if you don’t want that bread nonsense getting in the way of your meat. 

We’ve also sampled the onion rings – jumbo, crispy with thick juicy onions buried inside. 

And of course, we have a list of wanna tries: the chili cheese fries, chicken fried steak, basically every deep-fried thing you can think of.  Except, they do not have deep-fried candy bars.  I’ve heard about this amazing concoction but it has been elusive, which is probably a good thing.

Mug 'n Bun
Dine in Your Car or on the “Patio”

If you ever head to Indianapolis, put the diet on hold for the day and treat yourself to some deep-fried diet splurge at Mug n Bun – you won’t regret it. 

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5 Responses

  1. Oooh, I love places like this. Better hope it’s not featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives or it’ll lose that old school charm and become all Food Network’y 🙂

  2. I try to eat healthy most of the time…so that I can splurge at places like this! I have never been to Indy before, but if I happen to pass through…I will certainly be giving this place a try.

  3. I love Indy and I miss being with you two, but I doubt I could stomach those fried triangles you heart so much. Burgers sound great though. When is duck pin bowling on the agenda?

  4. Great post – one of the things I love and miss about the States is those old drive-ins. Sometimes you have to shun the gourmet in favour of nostalgia! And kudos for mentioning Dick’s! When my mom was in high school in Seattle, Dick’s was the place where everyone went to meet up. Same when I was at UW. And when we took my son to visit when he was a year old, he tasted his first french fries there – it has a very special place in our hearts! In fact I may have to do a whole post on Dick’s when I next visit… 🙂

  5. sounds like heaven……great root beer and fried cheese..whats not to love!

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