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Discovering Waterfalls Just Outside of Portland

Silverton Falls

Silverton Falls

 Last Sunday, when I was in Portland visiting Jules, we opted for a little outdoor adventure.  A drive to Silverton (about 40 miles Southeast of Portland) to check out the antique stores, grab a bite to eat and hike Silverton Falls.  Yes, I said hike.

As I huff and puff at the slightest elevation change, Jules assured me that she heard the hike was really more of an “urban-style hike” aka flat and that lunching attire with tennies was appropriate.  She was wrong.Jim decided to join us and we headed off on our Silverton adventure.  First stop, the Falls.  There are 10, count them 10, waterfalls you can see if you do the entire 6.9 mile loop (which the trail map says takes 5 hours – what?!  That’s almost a 45 minute per mile pace).  We opted for the shorter 2.1 mile loop that included the North Falls, the Twin Falls and the Winter Falls.

Me and Jules at Waterfall No. 1 - North Falls

Me and Jules at Waterfall No. 1 - North Falls

The trail took us down into a canyon and right into view of waterfall No. 1 – North Falls.  We then proceeded around the back of North Falls via a half-cave that had bats, yes, bats.  As Jim and Jules nonchalantly strolled through bat-land, I hustled through the muddy path as fast as respectability demanded and tried to ignore the screech, screech, screech, of flying rodents.  Can you tell which of the 3 of us is not the nature girl?  Unless of course nature = cocktails on the beach. We then traversed down some more and stumbled upon Twin Falls. 

Twin Falls

Twin Falls

Then the upward climb began.  As it was hot, it was at this point that I really regretted my clothing choices.  Winter Falls (first photo) made me forget that momentarily.  But only momentarily 😉 

We hiked back to the car and got back on the road to the little main street of Silverton.  Once there, we made our mandatory first stop at the statue and mural devoted to Bobbie, the collie that in 1924 found its way home to Silverton from Indiana.

Me and Bobbie the Homing Pigeon, er Dog

Me and Bobbie the Homing Pigeon, er Dog

 After honoring Bobbie, we headed to the Creekside Grill for a well-deserved beer and some lunch on a patio over the creek.  I opted for a Baja Fish Taco – a deep-fried cod fillet tucked into a flour tortilla bulging with cabbage and tomatoes.  Yum.  Sometimes, there is just nothing like deep-fried goodness.  Jim opted for beer and the chips that came with my taco.  Jules went healthy, veggie burger style. 

After lunch, we took a stroll through town and checked out some of the antique stores (lots of pressed glass) and then it was time to hit the road back to Portland and then Seattle.

Why is it that weekends are always too, too short?
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3 Responses

  1. Wow – you guys look very beautiful by the way. Stunning.

    I have always heard Portland is a beautiful place.

  2. Such a lush and beautiful landscape. Living in dry Colorado, I appreciate the green richness and water. Great post!

  3. how beautiful! i love nothing more than just being in nature it’s so relaxing

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