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The WordPress App Ate My Homework, I Mean Blog Post

Seattle Light Rail

Seattle Light Rail

I headed down to Portland Saturday to see Jules.  Since the train schedule wouldn’t get me in til nightfall, and I couldn’t bear the thought of the 3 1/2-4 hour drive, I took the easy way out and hopped a plane.  My extravagance has its limits, however, so I decided to try out Seattle’s new light rail system to travel from my office downtown (free parking) to the airport (parking at $17 per day+) at a grand cost of $2.50.

I arrived at the Westlake Metro stop (the beginning or end of the line depending on which way you’re headed) at 12:15 pm and received my first panic inducing moment.  Due to work on the rails, trains were only running every 30 minutes instead of every 15.  In other words, if I had just missed the train, I was totally screwed since I had a 2 pm flight.  Luck was with me though and the train came 5 minutes after I arrived at the station.

While on the train, I snapped photos with my iPhone, opened up my WordPress app for its inaugural use and spent the 45 minute train ride (it was only supposed to be 35) composing a blog post of the adventure.  The sights, the sounds, the smells . . .

After I arrived at the airport, trekked the .3 miles from the light rail station to the terminal and breezed through security (love flying on Saturdays), I finished up my post and pressed publish.  I then boarded my plane, turned off my phone and headed off to a fabulous 24 hour mini-break. 

This morning, once I finally got into the office, I booted up my computer, checked my email and headed over to the blog.  That’s when I discovered that my post was not there.  OK, no big deal, I obviously did something wrong when publishing.  I brought up the WordPress app on my phone and couldn’t get into my blog.  PANIC.  8 tries later, still nothing.  Eventually, I had to delete and re-add the blog and guess what?  My metro tale was toast, gone, missing, never to be found again (a theme with my data these days). 

In other words, WordPress ate my homework.

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    And, haha, what an excuse! Instead of the dog, the computer ate your homework. That sucks, but sort of humorous 🙂

  2. computers are frustrating.
    i have ltd. connection and it takes me an hour to do something that ought only take a few minutes.

    u r a busy gal to my mind: trains, running away…crazy busy.

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