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Book Review: Angelology



After reading a favorable review in the Seattle Times, I decided to check out Angelology by Danielle Trussoni.

Angelology is a story about an underground war between the Nephilim – half-human, half-angel creatures that are the result of a group of angels called the “Watchers” having mated with human women – and the Angelologists – humans who study the Watchers and Nephilim and seek to eradicate their hold over humans. The Nephilim are beautiful but without human emotion. They live for pleasure and to increase their vast financial and political power. They are in short the financiers of every World War and skirmish in history. Humans are unknowingly subservient to the Nephilim, except for those Angelologists who strive to fight them. And the Angelologists are making gains because there is a sickness running through the Nephilim community. Both sides must rush to capture and keep safe the treasure that could cure or destroy the Nephilim.

The novelty of the subject matter is engaging in itself but the story is compelling because of the relationships between the heroine, Evangeline and her grandmother, Gabriella – a famed angelologist – and Evangeline and Verlaine, an art historian unknowingly working for the Nephilim. While not a genre I normally read – and I’m not even sure what genre it falls into, fantasy maybe? – this book has it all, action, intrigue, a story that spans centuries, and a hint of romance. There’s even a twist at the end that may cause you to reevaluate the entire story.

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  1. Wow – it sounds pretty good. I need to get another novel to read. I cannot concentrate much unfortunately. I tend to waste time…and eat too much chocolate…at 3 am…
    yeah, i’m cool like that

    i generally like these kinds of books though. Jenna (ELR) has said alot of great things about “An American Wife”…might be a good read in future!

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