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Pike Place Progressive

Lounging in the "Parlor" of the White Horse

Lounging in the "Parlor" of the White Horse

As mentioned in my last post, my friend Jules came up from Portland to join me and cheer me on in my first 5K.  The day before, however, was girl time, our style.  Jules arrived on the train in the late afternoon and we walked on down to that Seattle landmark Pike Place Market for a good old progressive.  

After stopping in Market Spice to stock up on some loose leaf tea (so many varieties to choose from), we headed to the Pink Door to have a cocktail, a snack and to soak up some sunshine.  Our desire to sit on the patio despite the arctic wind had us mistaken for Washingtonians but I quickly cleared that up with  an “I’m a So. Cal girl, actually” comment.  Jaws droppedScore one for the California Girls!  We ordered our drinks ( a glass of soave for me, a martini for Jules) and settled on an antipasto plate and Penn Cove mussels and clams to share, as neither of us had eaten lunch.  The antipasto plate was HUGE – piled high with salami, olives, Tuscan bean salad, mozzarella and roasted veg.  The mushrooms were particularly amazing as they tasted like pepperoni!  The mussels and clams were simple in a delectable wine sauce with a hint of cream – meaning of course that we greedily soaked up the broth with our bread.  Content, after our snacks and sunshine soak session we headed to The White Horse for some ale.  Walking into the White Horse is like walking into an English pub/house party where you don’t know anyone but who you came with.  The bar is dark, very British, doubles as a book store and everyone seems to know each other.  We ordered our ales and settled into the couches in front of the window (above), perusing the books near us while chatting away and sipping our ale.Our next stop was two doors down at Post.  Post is a cross between a bar and a gastropub, with dim lighting and lots of tucked away tables if you like your privacy.   We ordered the sliders and of course, another cocktail.  

Sliders at Post

Sliders at Post

 The bun to meat ratio of the sliders was off, favoring the bun.  But once you got rid of the bun, they were awfully tasty. We soon realized that our progressive had taken more than 4 hours and headed off to Garage on Capitol Hill to meet up with Jim and his daughter Lauren, for pool, beer and bowling.  Cuz that’s how we roll the night before a race 😉


2 Responses

  1. Haven’t been to Pike Place in a couple of years – always a good place to spend an afternoon! I got the book – thanks a lot!

  2. Oh, so great on your race. you did so well. I barely walk that long anymore!

    I hope you have a great night.

    Yay for sliders!

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