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Life’s Little Moments

On Friday, I gathered up my coat, bag and purse, shut down my computer and headed to the elevator.  Another person from my floor was already waiting and in true American fashion we studiously ignored each other.  An elevator arrived and we stepped in, hitting the L button for the lobby and preparing for our 40+ floor express plummet.

At Floor 40, however, the last floor before the express kicks in, the elevator stopped and another man stepped in – on my side of the elevator.  No one acknowledged each other of course.

The door closed and we were once again preparing for the downward free-fall, when the newcomer lets one rip.  Yep, you heard me.  And believe me when I say silent but DEADLY.  

Now, what does one do in this situation?  Laugh?  Cough?  Whip out a perfume scented scarf and cover one’s nose?  Hold one’s breath? 

Naturally, we did none of the above.  The ripper acted like nothing had happened, while the other victim and I tried not to breath FOR 40 FLOORS and also acted like nothing had happened.

Ah . . . life and American reticence.


3 Responses

  1. omg….i needed a little help to smile..thank u for this.

  2. OMG. :insert shocked face here: I have no words

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