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Tuesday Treat: Run to the Finish’s 3 Changes Challenge

One of my go-to blogs for inspiration and running tips is Run to the Finish.  Starting today, Run to the Finish is kicking off a 30-day challenge.  Commit to making 3 changes in 30 days, rack up points, get encouragement from other challengers, and be in the running for some seriously sweet prizes

Here are the changes I’m challenging myself with:

1.  Keep a food journal – every day.  I continually struggle with this one, falling down most often on weekends and when traveling.  This time I’m going to get it right!

2.  Eat 3 cups of veggies every day.  This one was imposed by my nutritionist.  Nothing like a competition to make me commit!

3.  Do 1 strength training work out per week that is not pilates.  I love me my pilates, but you need to shake up your routine to get results.  By mixing in the weights, stability ball, and exercise band I’m hoping to jumpstart my results.

Join me in the 3 Changes Challenge then tell me what challenges you’re taking on in the comments below so we can cheer each other on!  Here’s to a life-changing 30 days!

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2 Responses

  1. How inspirational. Have to think on this.

  2. Very similar to our Eat To Live lifestyle, I keep a similar journal and 3 cups of veggies is not that much really over the course of the entire day. Regular exercise, even if it is just walking for 30 minutes a day is all you really need.

    Bon appetite

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