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Palm Springs: Instant Relaxation

Thursday morning Jim and I left gray and rainy Seattle behind and headed for warmer climes.  Our destination?  Palm Springs.

It was 85 degrees when we stepped off the plane, a mere 2 1/2 hours after take-off.  Once the bags were gathered and the car was procured we headed to TJ’s for a quick shop (have to get those 3 c. of veggies a day in).  By 1pm we had arrived at the condo Jim’s sister and brother-in-law were renting.  The moment we crossed the threshold all stress and worries disappeared.  It was literally like a weight had been lifted.  This is not true in all vacation destinations.  Some vacations end up being super active (Europe comes to mind).  But not Palm Springs.  First, there’s not a whole lot to do outside of tennis and golf.  Second, the heat just makes you adopt a slower pace.  Palm Springs for us is all about dining al fresco and hanging out on the patio drinking beer.

First, however, my nails had to be attended to.  Kathi and I headed to downtown Palm Springs to remedy my winter toenail (no polish) and differing fingernail length issues.  If I wasn’t relaxed already, the mani-pedi and accompanying leg and hand massages at Beautiful Nails would have done the trick. 

After our nails were beautified we headed back to the condo and spent the next several hours hanging out on the patio.  I ate veggies and hummus, while the boys drank beer.  We had no work to worry about, no phone calls to return, nothing to do but enjoy the sun and each other’s company.

When our stomach’s started rumbling (ok, mine), Dave treated us to a culinary feast: Spinach crepes in a light creme sauce, grilled salmon, homemade baguettes and a green salad.  We accompanied the meal with a Barbera from an Oregon winery and a Malbec we picked up at Trader Joe’s.  Dessert California strawberries and real whipped cream – Bliss.

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