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Real Life Gets Crazy Sometimes

Sorry to have been MIA for the past week and fair warning this week isn’t looking good either.  My lil sis Kate came up last Sunday through Thursday for a spring break visit which meant lots of shopping, dining out and tennis  (more details to follow in the next days).  At the same time I had to prep for a last-minute work trip – in fact, I flew out hours before Kate on Thursday and spent the next 48 hours in non-stop meetings.  Came back home Saturday and started prepping for the week ahead which is going to be a brutal 24/7 work week starting some time late this afternoon.

Observations from the Road: When I travel for work my normal “routine” goes straight out the window.  I end up eating dinner at 9 pm or sometimes later, hitting the hotel gym from 10-11 pm at night, doing “hotel room circuits” of chair dips, planks, lunges, squats, and push-ups and sending thanks to whoever was genius enough at Westin to come up with the Heavenly Shower (those double shower heads really work the knots out after a long day in a conference room).  My days start at 7:30 or 8 am in the morning when I’m traveling – 10 or on a really good day 9 am when I’m not.  My non-work e-mail does not get checked.  Blogging falls by the wayside.  In other words, work travel means non-stop go, go, GO!  I accomplish a lot in a super short amount of time but the routine cannot be sustained beyond a few days.

My goal?  To find a way to add the accomplishment of work travel days to my non-travel days while still maintaining a semblance of my current lifestyle.  I know I lose time throughout the day amounting to hours – the challenge is to stop it from happening when I’m not under the gun.  Anyone have any ideas?


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