Puzzling Quotes and Low Expectations

I generally start off my weekday morning with a grande Yogi Super Antioxidant tea and my email (yes, the excitement never stops in my office).  The Yogi tea bags always have some little quote or aphorism on them, most of which are pretty straight forward.  Today’s was not.

“Grace Brings Contentment”

What exactly does this mean?  Is it that you will be content if you are graceful?  Is it referring to spiritual grace?  Placidity?  A calm presence in the face of adversity?  No idea.

The contentment aspect is also a bit unsettling because it appears so often in life these days.  Everyone seems to be striving for peace and contentment.  Now, don’t get me wrong, being content is much better than being dissatisfied or unhappy but shouldn’t we be aiming a little higher ?   Isn’t the real goal straight-up, unbridled, exuberant joy?  Isn’t contentment a low expectation?  I realize it’s not realistic to be irrepressible grin happy all the time, but those moments are pretty amazing.  Shouldn’t we be working toward more of those?

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  1. You are not wired to be content. People who are always content are generally fairly dull or in denial about their actual state of being. Please stop reading the quotes on the tea bags. Fortune cookies only.
    Funny story went to lunch with Dad today and he said whoever’s fortune cookie makes sense has to pay for lunch. My fortune was “you will make lots of money and hold onto it.” Needless to say he paid for lunch

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