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Winter Olympics: Opening Ceremonies – 2 of 3 Billion

It was estimated that 3 billion people watched the Opening Ceremonies for the Vancouver Olympics on TV.  We were 2 of them.  This of course, was not our original plan.  Tickets for Opening Ceremonies were not sold out.  However, at $1,100 per ticket, VANOC (the official ticketing) was not an option.  Maybe it’s just me, but paying $2,200 for a 3-4 hour event seemed a bit INSANE.  I mean, let’s get some perspective, that’s a mortgage on a pretty nice house (in some parts of the country a super nice house).

So, plan B.  We headed down to BC Place to try our luck with the scalpers.  Now, normally if you are willing to walk away and you wait long enough you can pick up tickets to most anything at face or a discount (it’s kind of like car sales that way).  Not in Vancouver.  Or at least not for opening ceremonies.  For starters, Category C and D tickets were gone.  What that meant was that the only tickets available were A (face value $1,100) and B (face value $750).  We spent about an hour negotiating and perusing our options but (1) there were not that many people selling and (2) all selling were brokers.  We failed to get any offers below $600 a ticket and again $1,200 is a lot of money for a 4 hour event.  I mean really, that’s 3-4 roundtrip tickets from Seattle to Orange County.

So, we headed to a bar to have a beer and wait it out some more.  At start we tried again- nada.  So we gave up and headed back to our condo.  We grabbed sandwiches on the way home and set up in front of the TV.  As the Opening Ceremonies unfolded, I became happier and happier that we hadn’t been able to buy tickets.  Don’t get me wrong, the opening ceremonies were interesting, but where was Cirque de Soleil I ask you?  Where was the spectacle?  It did not trump Beijing.  And for a girl spoiled by Disney, Cirque and Hollywood special effects, it was good but nothing I wanted to trade the equivalent of a really nice weekend in San Francisco for.

So, I like, 3 billion others watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies from the comfort of my couch.  I figure I have two years to figure out a hook-up for the 2012 games 😉


4 Responses

  1. good choice. =) I’m not sure Bejing will ever be trumped. That would have been worth $2200 for sure!

    I hope you are having a great time! I’ll be there next weekend for the women’s curling! how was crossing the border? did you have any trouble or longer than usual wait times?

  2. hey…that was a smart movie i think …
    so sad about the luge athlete, hey?…
    i guess the weather there is similar to your seattle weather, no?

    • The weather is super similar to Seattle – gray and raining. It was really, really sad about the luge athlete – only 21 years old and from Georgia who only has 8 people competing.

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