Midweek Dining at Lola

Why is it that every time I say or write Lola I get stuck in my head that bit of that song – Lola, la la la la Lola, la la la la Loooooolaaaah . . . – I can’t remember the name of? Luckily  this post is not about that song; it’s about Tom Douglas’s “Greek Themed” restaurant in Seattle, Lola. 

Lola can be found on 4th and Virginia in the Hotel Andra in downtown Seattle.  It is also across the street from Tom Douglas’s “Dahlia Lounge” and just past that is his latest, for now, restaurant ‘Serious Pie” (I hear yet another restaurant is in the works in South Lake Union).  I had drinks at Lola several weeks ago while waiting for a table at Serious Pie and have wanted to come back ever since.

Lola did not disappoint.  I met up with my dining companions (Jim, and three other men) a bit late as it was a work celebration for them (which is why there are no pictures, it just didn’t seem appropriate in that context).  By the time I joined them they had already sampled the kabobs and it was time for another bottle of wine and the entrees.  Jim had the lamb burger and I ordered a Tagine of Moussaka:  leeks, collard greens, vlahotyri cheese. 

The lamb burger came with chickpea fries and was tender and moist.  Jim gave it an “order again.”  The star of the show was the Moussaka, though.  The presentation in the Tagine made everyone at the table ooh and ah and it was, in a word, perfect.  The cheese was bubbly and fluffy at the same time.  The collard greens were leant just the right amount of bitter to the savory, sweet Moussaka and I literally ate every single bite.  In fact, everyone more or less licked their plates clean 😉

But, did that stop us from ordering dessert?  He** no!  We ordered off menu for Tom Douglas’s famous Coconut Creme Pie.  We also ordered the pistachio and walnut baklava with frozen yogurt ice cream and as a bonus (there had been some mix-up with one of the wines) we were brought Lola’s famous breakfast donuts (more like a beignet than a donut, I think).  The Coconut Creme Pie is legendary and if you’ve never had it, it’s a must.  The donuts – Gone in 60 Seconds. 

I was seduced by the pistachio and walnut baklava.  The frozen yogurt was totally unnecessary to this dish which matched sweet ground pistachios, walnut and honey with a perfectly flaky phylo dough “crust.”  Yum, doesn’t even begin to cover it. 

I’m reminded of those classic words of Oliver Twist: “Please Sir can I have some more?”

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  1. Love your review! I had the Walnut & pomegranate chicken for my entree there and it was nothing like I’ve ever had…sooo good! My boyfriend had the lamb burger and I stole a bite…very yummy as well! For dessert I had the goat cheese turnover and it was glorous! I had the cocnut creme pie at one of his other restaurants – agreed…legendary!

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