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Vancouver Happens

So the post I was planning to write today about Tom Douglas’s restaurant Lola will have to wait because it looks like we are heading up to Vancouver today instead of tomorrow.  In another amazing karma turn, the woman we are renting the condo from called and said it was available now and we could go up early no charge! And no, we’ve never met this person, but how nice is that?!

What this means is my morning is being filled with laundry and packing and my afternoon will be all about driving (with a few teleconferences to add to the excitement).  I hope to be back to blogging tomorrow and filling you in on what’s happening in Vancouver at the Winter Olympics!


5 Responses

  1. Ah….so EXCITED for u…SAFE travels 🙂

  2. How exciting…have fun!!! Can’t wait to hear your review on Lola…I had an amazing meal there a couple months ago!

  3. Have fun in Vancouver! We’ll be up there next week for the Olympics. Curling, Pairs Figure Skating, and Hockey are on our docket.

    One thing I still need to do is figure out where to eat and get reservations.

    • The New York Times just had an article this week on where to eat in Vancouver, Vij’s was on the list, which I hear from friends is incredible (Indian, no reservations). We have ski jumping and speed skating on our agenda and are hoping to luck into hockey, figure skating and maybe opening ceremony tickets. So maybe we’ll run into you at one of the events or at the country “houses.”

    • yo Frank… might see you next week. We’ll be at curling too!

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