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Law of Attraction, Good Karma, Good Luck? Who cares, We Scored Tickets to the Olympics!

Olympics Tix - Hooray!

Olympics Tix - Hooray!

Last week Jo wrote an interesting post about the law of attraction.  Those of you who have read “The Secret” are probably pretty familiar with this concept, which is essentially that good thoughts attract good things and bad thoughts attract bad things. 

I don’t know if it was the law of attraction at work or just plain old-fashioned good luck, but last week one of my good friends forwarded me an e-mail from her friend who had tickets to several Winter Olympic events through the Canadian ticketing website (VANOC) and who now wasn’t able to attend.  So he was selling his tickets at cost.  Yep, at cost.  Pretty unbelievable.  So, Thursday when we head up to Vancouver we will have tickets to Ski Jumping and Speed Skating in hand.  We also have some tips from him on visiting the “country houses” (venues sponsored by different countries where you can buy country specific food and drink, watch their “local” television and hang out) and which countries usually have the best “house.” 

So, thank you law of attraction, good karma, good luck and good friends.  Winter Olympics here we come and just in case you couldn’t tell, yes, I am SUPER EXCITED!


6 Responses

  1. What good luck! Congratulations! Hope you blog about it!

  2. congrats! you scored some good events! we’re heading up too, the last part of next week, for Super G and… wait for it… CURLING! maybe we’ll bump into you!

  3. Wow!! Have fun!! I thought I’d let ya know that I gave you a shout out a lil while ago – thanks!! Hope it gave you a few more views 🙂

  4. Wow….that is amazing….it further inspires me….i am jealous 🙂 cannot wait to hear all about your adventures!

  5. In Beijing we found tickets available everywhere. Once the event began the price started dropping. If you’re willing to go at halftime the cost was below face value.
    The USA House was a highlight. Being in Vancouver you will be able to locate and find other country’s houses. In China, not so much 🙂
    Have fun! You’re living my dream!

  6. SO JEALOUS!!!! I totally believe in the law of attraction, sometimes I don’t like what shows up 🙂 But I think the concept really makes sense to me.

    have fun and take oodles of pictures for us

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