Save The Boobs! Join Me In the Komen Puget Sound Race for the Cure

Breast cancer 3-Day

Help Fight Breast Cancer!

Finding a cure for breast cancer has always been important to me.  Initially, maybe it was because I was a woman and had breasts.  Maybe it was because it seems we really can find a cure.  I’m not sure why I was drawn to the cause originally but I do know when I became entrenched.  When my Aunt died from cancer including breast cancer.  

Since that time, I’ve walked 120 miles for breast cancer and raised over $8,000 in the Breast Cancer 3-Day (60 miles in 3 days, once in Tampa, once in Seattle), I’ve participated in the Puget Sound Race for the Cure since 2008 and served on the committee for the Puget Sound Race for the Cure since 2009.  This year I’m heading up Social Media for the Race (please follow Puget Sound Race for the Cure).  I’ve also  . . . . started a team. 

This is where you come in 😉  The Race for the Cure is being held June 6 at Seattle Center.  It promises to be a good time, and to add some excitement it will be the first time I run a 5K ever (I am not a runner).  But you don’t have to run to take part in Race for the Cure.  There is a 5K women’s run, a 5K co-ed run, a kids fun run, and a 5K walk (most people participate in this).  If you aren’t in Seattle and can’t make an excuse for a weekend trip to visit our lovely city, you can “Sleep In For The Cure.”  Seriously (you register and a race shirt is sent to you).  So, please join me by joining the OC 2 Seattle team.  

You can also support the team and me by making a donation.  In these hard times every donation is critical and super appreciated and with a personal fundraising goal of $5,000, every single dollar counts (although my personal site only says $500, trying to figure out how to fix that).       

Why should you support the fight against breast cancer?  Well, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.  It could be you, your daughter, your mother, your sister, your boss . . . even your husband.  Because, you know what?  Men get diagnosed with breast cancer too.  If you live in Washington state you will be horrified to know that we have one of the highest rates of breast cancer in the U.S. (third I believe) and one of the lowest rates of screening.  Click here for a quick video of what Puget Sound Komen does and how far we’ve come toward finding a cure.  

Thank you in advance for your support – together WE CAN beat breast cancer!

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  1. If my spring plans pan out I’ll be there!

  2. u are pretty amazing sarah. truly. not sure if u are on the left or right there…but u both look wonderful!
    That is a wonderful cause…I too have people in my family who suffered from this and died far too young…I admire you a lot.

    • Thank you so much! I’m on the left, my friend Jen is on the right. And thank you for sharing your experience, hopefully we can finally put a stop to this insidious disease.

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