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The End of the Candida Diet – Sort Of

My three weeks on the Candida Diet is officially over.  For three weeks and two days, I underwent the Candida diet to attempt to “de-yeast” my system and bring my “gut” back into neutral alignment (charming, I know).  What this meant was three weeks without bread, gluten, yeast, basically any grain except brown rice, sugar and alcohol.  Most meals looked like this: 

Typical Candida Diet Meal

Typical Candida Diet Meal


Baked salmon (or chicken), brown rice and a vegetable (and no, I didn’t eat all that, I had enough left over for lunch the next day).  Breakfast consisted of either scrambled eggs and a piece of fruit (if I was home) or plain oatmeal with almond butter (at work).  Lunch was mostly soup or leftovers.  Snacks were brown rice cakes and apples with almond butter.  Monday night, I tried out pasta made with brown rice and water.  With grilled chicken and TJ’s Arrabiata Sauce it was actually pretty good. 

Grilled Chicken and Brown Rice Pasta

Grilled Chicken and Brown Rice Pasta


But I miss bread, sugar, alcohol – mostly bread.  While my sinus problems seem a bit better and I was able to discontinue the antibiotic for my skin with only minor skin rebellion, I’ve become moody, unfocused, irritable and for all I’ve given up, I’ve only lost net 1 pound (I’ve lost 2, but I gained 1 the first week on the diet).  I explained this to the naturopath yesterday.  He did some tests and determined that things had improved, greatly.  He said that I need to stick to the diet for another three weeks but that I can reintroduce some grains, preferably sourdough (ugh) and rye, yogurt (already was cheating a bit on that) and fermented foods (Hello, soy sauce!).  So, I’ll continue to be alcohol and mostly sugar-free (I’m not giving up my no sugar added hot chocolate), but not worry about the breadcrumbs in crab cakes.  That seems like a fair trade.  

Of course, while I’m in Vancouver I’ll loosen the restrictions even more because I am not missing out on the culinary delights of Vancouver!  But, in moderation and with balance.  Oatmeal and almond butter for breakfast, more meat and veg, less pasta, one glass of wine.  Because apparently you can’t reverse years of dietary discombobulation in only three weeks 😉


9 Responses

  1. Can I please be in charge of your next diet.

  2. I’ve got many friends who have been with the diet for years. Of course they have very similar like yours. The key is consistency. Once you get used to the “diet life”, you will not loosen your “food restriction”, because “your mental” will actually reject it.

    I suggest following it for another 2 months, it’s worth it, a way more than what you may think.

  3. 1 pound!!!! all that torture for one pound?!

  4. I hope you are feeling better; congrats on finishing your 3 weeks….good luck! Have a great day.

  5. Congrats on your completion. Also look in to water kefir, it’s fool of probiotics and is perfect to stabalize good flora in you digestive track, it’s not dairy based and tastes great, I believe any peorson who wants to be healthy should consume lots of probiotics.

    You can visit my site and go to probiotics and read more about it.

  6. girl…u are trooper…i would have given up after the first day 🙂
    seriously…sometimes i question things…like i have saw numerous nutritionists and others over the past years…and they fooled me up more than anything…they all say different things…have different solutions….
    anyway hope u feel better anyway
    in meantime…that plate where u had leftovers…umm…i definitely would have eaten all that + desserts 🙂

  7. Congratulations on completing the three weeks! Do you and your system feel better now?


    • A bit better, but still not 100%. I’m supposed to continue on but with grains added in . . . sigh.

  8. I think it’s macrobiotics that focuses on how good true grains can be for the body and I personally know I feel better with them. but i think it’s a little trial and experiment for us all to find what works best

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