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Tuesday Treat: Shepard Moon Concoctions

Shepard Moon Ache & Pain Relief Bath Salts

Shepard Moon Ache & Pain Relief Bath Salts

Feeling like a slacker, I did 40 minutes of pilates on Sunday (Mari Windsor Pilates for Pink Core Challenge) and then played tennis for an hour and 15.  I felt fabulous – at the time. 

Yesterday the aches set in.  I started feeling them right before my regular Monday pilates session and then as I went through several of the moves I had just done the day before the soreness started making its presence known.  I got some good ballet stretches in at the end of my pilates lesson, but I knew there was only one thing for sure-fire relief – Shepard Moon Concoctions Ache & Pain Relief bath salts

I stumbled upon these little gems in Whole Foods a few months ago and they have seen me through many a sore workout session.  You pour just 1/2 cup in a hot bath and, “for best results,” add in some epsom salts too.  Soak for twenty minutes or more and soreness is greatly reduced or gone.  What’s in this miraculous organic concoction?  Celtic sea salt, magnesium sulfate and the essential oils of Spruce, Laurel, Birch, Rosemary, Marjoram and Black Pepper.  Interestingly in smells like peppermint.  Huh?

$10 for 24 oz = 6 therapeutic spa like bathing experiences.  Bonus for those in the Pacific Northwest – Shepard Moon is a small Seattle company, bringing you organic, hand-crafted eco-friendly products since 1999.


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  1. Whoa – I have never done pilates…and i think at tennis 🙂 I love watching it though!
    When I used to be a runner and fitness enthusiast I would experiment with soaking in epsom salts in the bath…dont know if it made any difference or not.

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