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The Candida Diet: 3 Days Down, 18 Or More To Go

After bingeing on sweets and pasta for three days – including a send-off meal of a baguette from Le Panier accompanied by triple crème brie, Gruyère, Cougar Gold and Jack William Wines Ode to Joy Cabernet Sauvignon – I started the Candida Diet.  No alcohol, no yeast, no sugar for at least three weeks.  Talk about taking the fun out of eating! 

Day 1: I started Sunday morning off thinking about how great I would hopefully feel at the end of this regimen and how fabulous it will be to get off some of my allergy meds.  With that frame of mind, I made myself a two egg omelet with onions and ham even though I was craving pancakes (and I rarely eat pancakes).  I missed the toast that would normally go with the meal, but the extra egg (I usually only have one) and the ham kept me satisfied well into the day.  

2 Egg Omelet With Ham and Onion

2 Egg Omelet With Ham and Onion


J was visiting family in Eastern Washington (I had to work on a project all weekend so I couldn’t go with him), so I was pretty uninspired and wasn’t very hungry when lunch rolled around.  I heated up a corn tortilla in the microwave, smeared almond butter on it, cut up an apple, which I dipped in almond butter, and called it good.   

As J was coming home in time for dinner I decided to get creative.  I tossed brown jasmine rice in the rice cooker ( 1 1/2 c. rice, 3 c. water) with cayenne pepper (2 tsp) and browned up some grass-fed hot italian sausage from a local farm.  I also added broccoli, cauliflower and parsnips to the steamer part of the rice cooker for the last 8 minutes.  When the rice was finished, I threw everything into a wok with some oil and added more cayenne pepper, salt and black pepper to taste.  8 minutes later, dinner was served.  

Sausage and Veggie Rice Bowl

Sausage and Veggie Rice Bowl


 (J took this photo and most of the photos on Flickr, he is a much, much better photographer than me!)

It was . . . interesting (or maybe it had a nice personality?).  The spice was good but the veggies were mushy – next time I would stir-fry them instead of steaming.  J hated the brown rice, but  that’s nothing new for him and white rice is forbidden for me for now.  I treated myself to a no sugar added hot chocolate for dessert made with water.  Probably not Kosher, but it took the dessert craving away for only 50 calories and I figure the sugar damage was minimal. 

My body was adjusting to the supplements I was given over the weekend and it was not fun.  I was taking two different supplements at the same time and the resultant heartburn – or whatever it was – was unable to stand up, almost crying on the floor painful.  Sunday night when it was at its worst, J ran to the store to get Tagamet for me, which fortunately worked, since I couldn’t lie down either since that made me nauseas.  I’ve started spacing the supplements and that seems to work, since I’ve had no problems since Sunday night. 

Day 2: I woke up early to get some things done before work and was starving so I had a strawberry yogurt – not allowed because it has “evaporated cane juice” but it also has probiotics so I figured it balanced out.  Breakfast was TJ’s organic oats and flax instant oatmeal with a  1/2 tsp of almond butter stirred in.  It was surprisingly good! 

Lunch was TJ’s again, this time 1/2 can of organic vegetarian chili with a corn tortilla.  Snack was an apple with almond butter. 

For dinner, I made grilled chicken with quinoa onions and red and yellow bell peppers – I got the recipe right off the TJ’s box of quinoa.  Naturally, I forgot to take a picture.

Day 3: I started the day with an after morning workout snack of pomegranate Greek yogurt – much lower in sugar than normal yogurt.  Breakfast, lunch and snack same as Day 2.  I was exhausted all day and had trouble focusing  on work, so I did a little internet research on candidas and what it can cause.  Interesting – allergies, skin issues, weight gain, fatigue, the list went on and on.  Definitely some motivational knowledge.   

I was starving when I got home around 6:30 so I nibbled on a few cashews and a celery stick with almond butter. Since the wild copperriver salmon I had planned to cook for dinner wasn’t defrosted yet (and I was tired), J and I headed to a Thai place near our house.  We ordered veggie spring rolls, chicken panang, and garlic chicken.  I had brown rice (which was not good, too gritty), he had white.  I don’t think there was any yeast in the meal, although there may have been some sugar in the coconut milk that made the panang and I’m not entirely sure about those spring roll wrappers.  I should probably do more investigating before we eat out again.  It was nice having eating out options though. 

So far?  Not as hard as I thought it would be, although I’m not being super strict (that no sugar added hot chocolate is my savior).  But I really miss bread, sugar and the freedom to eat whatever I want!  I’m hoping the payoff is worth the pain.  I guess in 18 more days we’ll know . . . something.


13 Responses

  1. My favorite low stress, low carb, everything-is-frozen comfort food is a sort of chicken soup. I poach a whole chicken breast in water with a whole head of garlic chunks and plenty of curry type seasonings. If I want to I’ll add low salt broth.

    It doesn’t matter if the chicken starts off frozen. I use low heat and let it simmer while I’m doing other things. By the time the chicken is cooked through the garlic is less raw… but then again you could just about spread garlic on my toast and I’d be happy. When the chicken is cooked I’ll slice it into easy-to-eat pieces and throw it back in. Then, I toss in a large chunk of frozen spinach. Does that make it curry florentine? When the soup is warmed up again, it’s done. You can finish each serving with just a touch butter, and scoop of low fat live culture yogurt.

    For breakfast variety, have you ever had baked grapefruit? I like to lay half a pink grapefruit, cut side down, onto a sprig of sage, then bake at 350 until it starts looking good and juicy. For easier serving you could run a knife between fruit and rind before baking. It ends up being weird but good – almost caramelized – not sure if that’s cheating.

    • Not sure about the grapefruit, but I’m definitely giving the soup a try – thanks so much!

      • Hmmm… for another breakfast idea, try googling [uova al purgatorio]. It’s basically eggs poached in chunky tomato sauce. Leave off the cheese.

  2. I didn’t realize you could have almond butter…AB + oats is my fave! I usually put a little protein powder and almond milk in to make it even more filling. I was making an egg today and got this idea to fry an egg so that it’s still runny and serve over oats…I may try it this weekend…I’ll let you know how it goes;)

  3. Whoa girl…you are brave!
    I love fruit…apples, bananas, grapes, everything….so that would be impossible to give up!
    I use sugar and a ton ton of stevia…can u use stevia? …i use a lot 🙂
    I am glad you are still getting in grains…I am getting annoyed at looking at all these blogs that are anti-carb and pro-ONLY-protein….
    i almost feel like it fools the tummy up bigtime
    i have had a ton of digestion issues…i used to be vicisouly nauseous and sick and heartburn 24-7….its better now…but i still have severe bowel distress….no answers for me 😦

    • Whole fruit is allowed in very limited amounts – so I’m sticking to one apple a day. I don’t know if I can use stevia – something to check out for sure. I’m totally with you on the anti-carb thing, I mean hello? That cannot be good for you! Sorry about your digestion issues – if this diet works for me, you may want to give it a shot, I’m finding more and more people who have done it and swear by it for fixing their digestive woes.

  4. Well your meals look and sound good so far, but just because of the limiting nature of this diet I’ll bet you are craving everything you can’t have! I hope it does the trick of fixing what ails you so you can figure out how to eat like a real person again 🙂

  5. I’ve never heard of this diet, this is something I need to do. I just had pasta and pizza last night and I know I need to stop. I’ll check out the diet and maybe do it as well. Good Luck!

  6. Interesting diet indeed. Currently my DW and I are on a 400 calorie a meal diet, or 1,600 calories per day.


  7. I can be without sugar or white rice but all my diet attempts fail because of bread, I’m a bread addict. They should have some sort of AA meetings for people like me.
    And an officer at the door to check all purses for hidden chunks of delicious Italian bread. Good luck! 😀

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