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2010 Resolution Progress Report

The first week of 2010 has certainly been interesting!  It’s also been fun (amazingly) and challenging to start work on my resolutionsI haven’t been 100% on everything, but I haven’t done too badly either.  In the name of accountability, here’s an update on my first week:


Resolution: French, 30 minutes per day.  Hmmm, yes, well, I did manage between 15 and 30 minutes on 5 days. 


Resolution:  Exercise 5 days per week – no excuses.   So far so good, I started off the New Year with some time on my treadmill and a Mari Windsor pilates tape, yoga, pilates, another date with my treadmill and tennis followed.  5 days total.  Goal met (this week at least).

Resolution: Yoga at least 1 day per week, preferably 2.  I had a nice one hour yoga session at home on Sunday to meet this goal.  To shake things up I’m going to start looking for a studio to take classes at or at least make the classes at 24 Hour Fitness (my gym, which I usually only go to when traveling, good thing my membership is only $99 per year).


Resolution: Eat less meat.  Reduce meat (pork, beef, chicken) consumption to 2 times per week max.  This was easier than expected and I managed to go all week without eating any meat.  This resolution is going to have to go by the wayside for a while, however, while I’m undergoing the candida diet

Resolution: Eat less cheese.  Well, I did eat less for sure so mission accomplished.  (Love vague resolutions).  I would like to trim my intake further though in the upcoming weeks. 

Resolution: Eat more fish, especially fish rich in omega-3s.  I worked in salmon two days last week, but I’m really looking forward to warm weather – sushi season – so this will become much easier.

Resolution: Drink less.  No more than 4 glasses per week.  Mission accomplished and this was not an easy one!  All together, I drank the equivalent of 3-4 glasses last week, depending on how you’re counting.


I went to a naturopath to see if he could devise a solution to my health woes that would reduce my 6 medication, still stuffed-up at most times, lifestyle.  Starting tomorrow, I embark on a candida diet to try to destroy the yeast fermenting in my stomach and get everything “back in balance.”  I really hope this works.


Resolution: To give back more.  I’ve made this one a sure thing by volunteering to be in charge of social media for the Puget Sound Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, which I will be running in (if I meet my resolution) on a yet to be determined Sunday in June.  Last Tuesday was my first race committee meeting and I will have one meeting per month through the race.  Once I receive the passwords and guidelines for the social media accounts, I will be tweeting and facebooking (and responding to same) daily.  You can follow at Twitter at Komenpsrace.  Even if you’re not in the Puget Sound area, the tweets will be informative, fun and inspiring (not necessarily all at once).

Resolution: Spend more time with family and friends. I have to admit, I haven’t made much of an effort on this one.  I did spend Saturday night with my husband and his girls and talked to my Mom and Kate more on the phone than usual, but I really need to step it up on this resolution.

So, that’s the recap of my first week of resolutions.  Hoping to do better in the weeks to come.  How are you doing on your resolutions?  Which are you finding the hardest to keep?


3 Responses

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  2. Congrats! You have stuck to your new year resolutions longer than probably 80% of the population! Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Great idea to recap resolutions…I think I have to refrain because I accomplish nothing each day !
    Salmon is great girl. I hope u find some answers…issues with tummy or anything or horribly distressing…frustrating.

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