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Bidding Farewell to Forbidden Foods

Foods Forbidden on the Candida Diet

Foods Forbidden on the Candida Diet


I realized yesterday that my kitchen is just not prepared for this candida diet overhaul I’m about to embark on.  So I decided I would phase into it with an official all out start date of Monday.  Accordingly, I dutifully took all of my supplements yesterday, including two dropperfuls of Mycological Immune Stimulant – which tastes like cheap vodka,  a bummer since you can’t have any food or drink with it or for 5 minutes after – I then went home and binged on sweets and pasta.  Specifically, 3 “pecan buds” – See’s answer to “Turtles” – 2 chocolate comfort cookies and a big bowl of pasta (at least I made it whole wheat).  In case you’re wondering, yes, I felt like hell afterward and started thinking that maybe Monday isn’t soon enough.  I then proceeded to have 2 pecan buds for breakfast this morning.  What?  They have pecans 😉 So, I’ve devised a plan.  I will enjoy my food and wine today and tomorrow and go cold turkey on Sunday.  This gives me time to shop this weekend for candida diet appropriate foods and to plan out meals.  It also gives me two days to bid farewell to soon to be forbidden foods (forbidden for three weeks anyway).  As I was only told what not to eat – everything – I turned to the internet to see if I could find out what I can eat on the Candida diet.  Seriously, what did we do pre-internet?

I googled “candida diet allowed foods” and immediately found a handy list.  For the next three weeks – starting Sunday – my diet will be limited to:

  • Chicken, meat, fish (roasted, grilled or steamed);
  • Rye bread and crackers that do not contain yeast or wheat;
  • Rice, potato, corn, rye or soy flour;
  • All veggies, but limited quantities of starchy potatoes and corn;
  • Oats (that makes breakfast almost palatable at least – except unsweetened oats? Blech);
  • Unsweetened yogurt – pass;
  • Brown Rice – thank goodness;
  • Soy/rice milk, except without sugar and I only like TJs vanilla soy milk , so that’s out;
  • Walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, coconut and macadamia nuts – no almond butter, but I wonder how hazelnut butter would taste – can I make that?
  • Homemade popcorn – bring on the butter!
  • One unbruised fruit per day – talk about making cutting sugar painful, fruit was my safety net!
  • Tomatoes, which are not in season now of course;
  • Humus; and
  • Herbal teas.

Apparently I can also have whole wheat pasta once a week.  Woohoo, that calls for a parade! 

On the plus side this will force me to become creative in the kitchen and of course, will hopefully make me feel better.  Protein bars – my go-to office snack  – are out, but it appears edamame is ok, so that can be a healthier substitute.  My husband is in heaven with the return of meat, but I’m going to work in fish 2-3 times per week.  Menu ideas are starting to swirl around in my head which is excellent, but if any of you have recipes that meet these guidelines, please hook me up!


6 Responses

  1. The candida diet is hard at first, but it will become second nature. I worked with many patients who had to make the transition, but the rewards make it easier.

  2. ooohhh – that IS a challenge! But you’re right – it will challenge you to be creative. As I was looking over your list I was trying to think if I do anything special or different to those foods. One that popped into my head immediately was the popcorn. I love to add curry powder, Tony Caciarri’s spice, or garam masala to my popcorn. Also cashew butter is pretty good – I eat it in my oats sometimes. At least you know you’ll be feeling a lot better once you start doing this. Good luck!

  3. Wow that diet seems like it would be pretty easy for me. I really need to do a good detox after this whole holiday thing. Good luck to you!

  4. For your morning oats, add some of the coconut and nuts with a little yogurt and it would be much better…or even the alond milk…may give it a bit different taste. Can you have light coconut milk…that could be tasty too!

  5. I won’t be as hard as you might think. I did a similar detox (Clean) back in August (yes, it is much easier to do these things in the summer). But I am back on the detox for the next 2 weeks. I do have some recipes that would work into your dietary confines. You can find them under “clean inspired.” And my husband actually enjoyed them and didn’t complain about missing anything. Best of luck!

    • Your recipes look great! I’m thinking that risotto will be Sunday night’s meal. Thanks so much for posting these – this is getting easier already!

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