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Tuesday Treat: “Twenties Girl” By Sophie Kinsella

Confession: I love mystery novels (especially ones with recipes – lol) and “chick lit” (hate that term).  I’ve read Sophie Kinsella in the past with mixed reactions.  The first Shopaholic book was good, the second (Shopaholic Takes Manhattan) was still mildly entertaining, by the third (Shopaholic Gets Married) I wanted to throw the book against the wall when Becky Bloomwood still had not reformed her spendthrift ways, after the fourth (Shopaholic and Sister), I gave up on the series altogether.  Fortunately, somewhere between books two and three I read “Can You Keep a Secret?”, which prevented me from completely giving up on Sophie Kinsella.  

Kinsella’s latest novel, Twenties Girl is far and away her best to date.  It’s in keeping with Can You Keep a Secret?, Remember Me? and The Undomestic Goddess in that the story involves a woman’s discovery of her better, more vivacious self.  In Twenties Girl this happens with the help of a ghost.  I know.  The story begins when Lara attends her Great-Aunt Sadie’s funeral.  Lara had never met her Great-Aunt Sadie until the twenty-three year old ghost version of Sadie decides to enlist Lara to help her find a dragonfly necklace that had been taken from her.  Sadie is everything that Lara is not, vivacious, fun-loving, devil-may-care.  As the two hunt for the necklace and unravel the mystery surrounding its disappearance, Sadie also completely turns Lara’s life upside down – for the better of course. 

I won’t say anything more, because I don’t want to give away anything.  I will say, however, that this is a page turner (I devoured it in two days – those long baths are so useful for reading) that will give you a warm glow at the end and maybe help you believe that anything is possible.


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  1. Oh wow,,,I have seen this book around and was curious about it. Thanks for the review…i LOVE book reviews…I have a page on my site for it…and plan to try to do a review once per week. Great review!

  2. hmmm – thanks – I red the first Shopaholic, then read reviews about the others that said basically the same thing as you. I haven’t seen this one before tho…

  3. OMGOSH I LOVE ‘chicklit!!!!!!!!!!’ I also love all Sophie Kinsella books. I will really need to read this one!

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