Fado Irish Pub and Beethoven’s 9th

Sweet Potato Fries at Fado

Sweet Potato Fries at Fado

My Mom and Kate left yesterday and I started missing them the minute they walked into the security line at the airport.  It’s hard changing from living an hour away to two states away, but luckily we can visit each other fairly regularly.

Although I was exhausted from the holiday festivities and staying up way too late every night with my Mom and Kate, my husband and I had a night out together to enjoy our first “alone time” in weeks.  We started the night at Fado Irish Pub in downtown Seattle.  Fado is known as the place to go to watch European football (soccer) matches.  The food is heavily Irish, of course.

We managed to hit happy hour, which lasts until 7pm Mon-Sat.  My husband had a happy hour Redhook ESB and I opted off the happy hour menu for a Bass.  When it came to food, we started with “Peas in a Pod” (edamame, $3 at happy hour) and then I made a meal of the happy hour lamb dip sliders (2 lamb and cheese filled sliders with a big bowl of au jus in the middle for only $5) and sweet potato fries ($4). 

Lamb and Cheese Sliders

Lamb and Cheese Sliders

My husband opted off the happy hour menu and had Corned Beef Rolls (“corned beef and creamy mustard sauce tightly rolled inside a traditional boxty topped with a cabbage slaw”) and a Bleu Crunch Salad (“field greens, bleu cheese, tomatoes, bacon, onions, pecans and croutons tossed with balsamic vinaigrette”).

Corned Beef Rolls

Corned Beef Rolls

The food was excellent.  My lamb sliders were decadent and the sweet potato fries were a sweet-tangy contrast.  I tried my husband’s Corned Beef Rolls and they tasted super fresh and tangy.  Our meals seemed like a contrast in seasons – mine were heavy and wintery and his were fresh and light like spring.

It turned out to be trivia night at Fado’s (every Weds starting at 6:30) and we had fun guessing the answers to the trivia questions (What is Missy Elliot’s nickname?  What color is the cue in billiards?).  At 7, we left trivia behind and took off for the symphony.

What can I say about the 9th other than it is truly amazing.  Benroya Hall, home to the Seattle Symphony, is a stylish acoustical gem.  With its wood floors and lack of a full balcony (it has four (or is it three?) tiers of balconies that wrap around the theater from stage left around to stage right) the setting is intimate and warm.  The Seattle Symphony is world-class.  The combination for the 9th was unbelievable, especially for the 9th’s choral conclusion – Ode to Joy.  When the frenzied last notes of the 9th died off, the entire audience burst into applause with every person on their feet.  It must have been similar to the symphony’s debut and I think Beethoven would be pleased that his music still brought such emotion and happiness to its listeners.

I ended the night with a cold (bummer), a long hot bath, and a new book (Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella).  I read until the bath water went from steaming to chilly and fell into bed about 1 am.  Not a great way to get over a cold, but super relaxing.  Tonight my husband and I have planned a mellow NYE – wine, dinner and NYE at home – quite a change from our last two NYEs, which were spent in Vegas and Paris respectively.  It will give us a chance to reconnect, talk about our plans and goals for the year and just really focus on us.  I can’t wait.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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  1. There is nothing like a live performance of the 9th by a good orchestra in an excellent venue! It must move you!

  2. I wish you have an excellent year…

  3. I LOVE Fado! We go there whenever we are in the city! They have a great shephard’s pie there too. We spent part of a St. Patrick’s Day there once and it was pretty cool – they had Irish bands playing in all of the different little rooms! Wishing you and yours a happy new year!

  4. I’m wearing my Fado t-shirt as I read this post. Can’t get enough of the Irish pub.

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