2009 The Year and Decade In Review

The Eiffel Tower, Paris 2009

The Eiffel Tower, Paris 2009

As we count down the year and the decade, I’ve been looking back.  It’s been a wild year and a crazier decade.  The highlights:


  • January: Started the year off right with NYE and 10 days in Paris.  It was my husband’s first trip to Paris and I loved showing him my favorite city.
  • April: My Mom’s b’day – a milestone.  A long weekend in Palm Springs for some R&R with my husband and sister and brother-in-law.  My husband’s b’day – another milestone.  Whelan and Scott’s wedding in Orlando.
  • Memorial Day Weekend: INDY 500!!  All I can say is WOW!  So much fun and hung out with and became friends with Marcy.
Carb Day Indy 500

Carb Day Indy 500

  • June: Lil Sis Kate graduated from High School as Valedictorian – WAY TO GO KATE! 
  • August: Started OC 2 Seattle. Another Indy car race weekend, this time at Infineon in Sonoma.
  • September: First rodeo ever to celebrate Niki’s b’day.  US OPEN in NYC with Kate and my husband.  Watching Del Potro beat Federer in 5 sets in the Men’s Single Open Finals – PRICELESS!


Del Potro Wins The Men's Singles at the US Open

Del Potro Wins The Men's Singles at the US Open

 The Decade

  • September 11, 2001: Started working with my family.  Yes, on the September 11, really weird.
  • May 2002: Broke up with my boyfriend of 8 years.
  • July 2002: Lost my grandmother.  Very sad as we were very close and she was a major influence on me.
  • 2003: My sister Jen gets married to Dave
  • February 2004: My nephew is born!  I’m in a bar in London when I get the call.  Hmmm, I think my sister Jen and I have taken different paths.  London and Paris for a week with my girlfriend Whelan – cold but super fun.
  • November 2004: Met my husband.
  • December 2004: First NYE in Vegas, total spur of the moment decision (decided day before).  Grandmaster Flash DJing at RAIN.  Awesome.
  • January 14, 2005: My husband and I start dating.
  • April 2005: Weekend in Vegas to celebrate my now husband’s b’day!
  • May 2005: My husband and I take our first trip abroad together – Italy for almost three weeks – Rome, Sorrento, Florence, and Venice.
  • September 2005: Marbella, Spain for a week with my girlfriend Whelan to celebrate our b’days (hers is Sept.  22, mine is Sept. 24).
  • December 2006: My husband and I get engaged.
  • February 2007: I move to Seattle and my husband and I get married on February 18, 2007 – 25 months and 4 days after our first date.
Walking Down the Aisle

Walking Down the Aisle

  • May 2007: Honeymoon in Italy for 3 weeks.  Milan (love, love, love Milan), Verona, Venice, Cinque Terra, Turin, Lake Maggiore.
  • December 2008: My husband and I embark on a month-long adventure to India and Paris.  In India, we go to our friends’ traditional Indian wedding in Delhi and also visit the Taj Mahal (so cool!), Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur (our favorite).
The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal

What have I learned from this review of the year and the decade?  The only thing you can’t lose are your experiences and they last a lot longer than another pair of black strappy sandals.  So, next time you’re contemplating yet another black handbag, I advise you to put that money in a travel fund instead.  I did a lot of my traveling on much less money than you would expect (I can’t emphasize mileage rewards programs enough – I stayed in Milan for 5 nights for free using Starwood points and we flew to Italy on my husband’s Alaska Airline miles – we pay for everything with mileage credit cards and then pay the balance off each month).  Many of the happiest moments of my life have been spent traveling and exploring new places.  In contrast,  I really can’t remember all of the clothes and handbags I’ve owned, but I know they always end up at Goodwill.   

For 2010?  I’m looking forward to another year filled with love, laughter and travel and another decade of adventure!  Wishing the same and more to all of you.  Happy New Year!

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