Tuesday Treat: Take Yourself to a Movie

My sister Kate is in town which means movies, movies and more movies.  My husband and I generally only agree on about three films a year (he pretty much only likes things that are nominated for academy awards) so when Kate comes to town, I take full advantage of her desire to see most anything and everything.  This trip she’s here for six days and has six movies on her agenda: “Nine,” “Sherlock Holmes,” “Avatar,” “Young Victoria,” “It’s Complicated” and “Did You Hear About the Morgans.”

So far we’ve managed to knock out three on her list.  Christmas night, when everyone was full and relaxing, we took off for a 9:20pm showing of “Did You Hear About the Morgans?”  Of the list it met our criteria for short (under 2 hours) and lively enough to keep us awake as I was exhausted.  It wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t great, it did have some moments.  Hugh Grant was back in his charming “Two Weeks Notice” – “Notting Hill” mode and he and Sarah Jessica Parker had good comedic timing.  I would mark it as a decent rental when you want a new light romantic comedy.

Saturday night, while my husband and Mom were at “The Nutcracker”, Kate and I were at “Young Victoria.”  A very solid film with excellent performances by Emily Blunt and especially Rupert Friend.  But, if you’re looking for a historical film like the Elizabeth movies with Cate Blanchette, this isn’t it.  “Young Victoria” is a beautifully done historical romance.

Today, my Mom, Kate and I spent the afternoon with Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. in “Sherlock Holmes.”  “Sherlock Holmes” was, in a word, fun.  It was fast-paced, humorous, solid on the action sequences, but not overwhelmingly so.  If you are a devotee of the books, however, beware – Watson has a backbone and kicks some serious butt.

We won’t make it through all of Kate’s list as she leaves on Wednesday, but we’re making a serious dent and having fun in the process.  Tomorrow may or may not bring “Avatar”, we’ll see.  Regardless, I’ve had a lot of fun seeing and discussing the films with her.  At $10.50 per person (or less if you score a matinée), taking yourself to a movie for a 2 hour escape from reality is a perfect Tuesday Treat.

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